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Seraphim Knights Descend On Sci-Fi Tabletops From Kromlech


Kromlech has now released their new set of Sci-Fi miniatures onto their webstore! The Seraphim Knights are now available for you to snap up giving you a great set of new themed warriors for a bit of grimdark future wargaming. 

Kromlech Tease The Host Of The Dredsmasha For Orktober 2021


Kromlech has another teaser to get you excited for Orktober 2021. A brand new selection of Sci-Fi miniatures are on the way and it's never too early to start thinking about Orks, right? 

Kromlech Reveal New Seraphim Knights Coming Soon!


Kromlech has now showcased the range of new Sci-Fi miniatures coming to their webstore on 2nd August! Meet the Seraphim Knights, driven by bloodlust and eager to crush their enemies. 

Build On Your Hospodars Army With Kromlech’s Bundles


Kromlech has put together some new bundles for those wanting to get all of the Hospodars range in one place. If you're looking to make a new army of frosty Dwarves then this might be a good avenue to go down.

Snap Up New Old Town Ruins Bases From Kromlech!


Kromlech has now released a whole host of new bases for you to use when building your next army. The Old Town Ruins should be suitable for a variety of different genres and they also come in a variety of sizes too.

Kromlech Tease More Greenskin Goodness For Orktober 2021!


Kromlech is already getting excited for Orktober 2021. Their newest teaser trailer gives us a hint at what's coming in the form of the Host Of Dredsmasha.

Kromlech Tease Upcoming Knights Of Ba’al Prime Range


Kromlech has another teaser for those who are looking to expand on their Sci-Fi Prime Legionaries collection. The Knights Of Ba'al are coming up later this summer!

Build A Dwarven Tabletop With New Kromlech Fantasy Terrain!


Kromlech has expanded upon its Hospodars collection with a new set of Fantasy terrain for you to tinker with. You can now build a full table packed with Dwarven Terrain. They have covered pretty much all of the bases with this HDF range.

Kromlech Release Wave Two Of Their Hospodars Dwarves!


Kromlech has now released the second wave of miniatures for those building up a Hospodars Dwarf force on the tabletop in their Fantasy wargames. New characters, troops and artillery has been added into the mix this week.

Kromlech Bring The Orcy Rock With Gunz N’ Fungus Music!


Kromlech do like their Orcs as I'm sure many of you are aware. In fact, you can dive in and check out their expansive range of miniatures over on their webstore. When you're browsing the store you might want some accompanying music!

Kromlech Tease More Hospodar Dwarves For June 2021


Kromlech has teased the coming of more of their Hospodar Dwarves for those looking to snap up a new Fantasy army. June signals the coming of more support for these Eastern European themed Dwarves who are ready to descend from their mountain homes.

New Hospodar Dwarf Terrain Coming Soon From Kromlech


Kromlech is going to be expanding upon their Hospodar Dwarf range with a new set of Fantasy Dwarven Terrain, themed to their miniatures. These are going to become available on their webstore come 11th June 2021.

Base Your Miniatures With Kromlech’s New Tufts & Static Grass


Kromlech has recently released some new basing materials for you to use, perhaps alongside the Dark Forest range that they unveiled last week? Three new sets of Coarse Turf are available for you to pick up alongside a big pot o' Static Grass.

Kromlech Wander Into The Dark Forest With New Releases


Kromlech's new Dark Forest terrain and basing range is now available for you to snap up and add to your Fantasy tabletops! If you're venturing into Rangers Of Shadow Deep, these might suit you very well indeed. 

Kromlech Tease New Dark Forest Terrain Coming Soon!


Kromlech has a new terrain series coming up soon for those diving into Fantasy games on the tabletop. You can wander the paths of the Dark Forest with their new series of terrain come 7th May 2021.

Kromlech’s New Hospodar Dwarves March To War


Some excellent new Hospodar Dwarves are marching to war from the folks at Kromlech. This is the start of a pretty unique looking Fantasy army that brings an Eastern European feel to this stalwart of the genre.

Kromlech’s Webstore Birthday Sale Kicks Off Today!


Kromlech has now launched its big birthday sale allowing you to dive into their webstore and get your hands on discount miniatures from today 1st April, through to 6th April. 

Snag Goodies During Kromlech’s Webstore Birthday Next Week!


Next week, Kromlech are going to be firing up their Webstore Birthday which will be packed with deals and more for you to snag. Things will start on 1st April and then will continue until 6th April.

Kromlech’s Massive Nekropolis Terrain Range Now Available


Kromlech has now released their absolutely immense range of Nekropolis Terrain for use in your 28mm Sci-Fi wargames. If you're looking to set up a tabletop themed around an ancient dynasty of sentient robots then this might be the collection of wargaming terrain for you.

New Teaser For Kromlech’s Hospodars Fantasy Dwarf Series!


Kromlech has another teaser of an upcoming Fantasy range which will be dropping in April 2021. The first wave for the Hospodars is on the way giving us a peek at some very Slavic looking stunties!

Kromlech Release Their Sons Of Thor Prime Range


Kromlech has now released their new line of Sons Of Thor Prime bodies, heads, weapons and accessories.

Kromlech Reveal Upcoming Sons Of Thor Prime Range!


Kromlech had another reveal for us this week as they previewed the upcoming Sons Of Thor Prime collection which is going to be released next week! 

Check Out Kromlech’s Tomb World Terrain Reveal Trailer!


Kromlech has now revealed their new trailer showing off the upcoming Tomb World Terrain which is going to be coming to their webstore soon. 

Kromlech Releases Some Upgrades For Your Sci-Fi Tanks


Kromlech are gearing up for a big 2021 but they have started out with just a few releases for those wanting to upgrade their armies and build on big Sci-Fi tanks.

Unboxing: Orc Gnawzilla | Kromlech


Gerry is back for another Kromlech unboxing as he takes a look at a big Orc beast, the Gnawzilla! 

Frostgrave The Red King & How Expansions Work With 2nd Edition #FrostgraveWeekOTT


We talk with Frostgrave creator Joseph A. McCullough about the new The Red King expansion and how all of the 1st Edition Expansions still work with the 2nd Edition of the game.

Let’s Play: Frostgrave – Versus Battle Report (2nd Edition) #FrostgraveWeekOTT


This time we're playing a Frostgrave 2nd Edition Versus Battle Report where Justin's Wizard and friends face off against Gerry's Discworld-inspired warband as they race to the top of The Silent Tower.

Frostgrave Miniature Painting Tutorial | Frostgrave Wizard #FrostgraveWeekOTT


John gets stuck into a miniature painting tutorial where he explores painting up a Frostgrave Wizard to lead your warband in the 2nd Edition of the game!

Let’s Play: Frostgrave – Solo Battle Report (2nd Edition) #FrostgraveWeekOTT


Gerry leads Justin through a Solo Battle Report of Frostgrave 2nd Edition showcasing the Perilous Dark Solo Rules that are available for the game from Osprey Games.

Building & Painting Frostgrave Gaming Terrain From Kromlech #FrostgraveWeekOTT


The team show off how they got stuck into building and painting the Frostgrave tabletop gaming terrain from Kromlech so we can use it in our Let's Plays this week!

Discover Frostgrave 2nd Edition With Creator Joseph A. McCullough #FrostgraveWeekOTT


We talk with Frostgrave creator Joseph A. McCullough about getting started in Frostgrave 2nd Edition and learn what this tabletop game published by Osprey Games is all about. 

Kromlech Tease New Tomb World Terrain Series For 2021


Kromlech has a teaser for what's coming up next year. The team are going to getting grimdark once more with their Tomb World Terrain Series which will feature twenty new pieces to build on their already extensive collection.

Unboxing: Orc Killa Gnaws | Kromlech


Gerry is unboxing the Orc Killa Gnaws from Kromlech from their expansive Sci-Fi range of wargaming miniatures.

Kromlech Show Off Their Fun Christmas 2020 Miniature


Kromlech has been sharing some Christmas cheer with an ace new 28mnm miniature for the festive season.

Unboxing: Orc Freak | Kromlech


We take a look at the very funny looking Orc Freak from Kromlech, a great addition to any Sci-Fi Orc army!

Dive Into Kromlech’s Black Friday Deals & Giveaways


Kromlech has been tinkering around with all manner of interesting Black Friday options for you starting with a sale which offers up between 10% and 30% across their range and a selection of bundles.

Snap Up Prime Legionary Weapons By Kromlech This Month!


November is a new month packed full of awesome releases for Kromlech as they continue to expand upon their Prime Legionary collection.

A Quick Look A The Orc Tigerwagon | Kromlech


Orktober 2020 provides great spikey treats in the shape of the Orc Tigerwagon which might inspire you to pick up something new from Kromlech!

Check Out Kromlech’s Orktober 2020 Collection! [Updated!]


Kromlech is midway through a mighty Orktober and it seems apt that we'd take a look at what they have available for those wanting to build on their 28mm Orc/Ork armies of the grimdark future.

Kromlech Give Another Sneak Peek At Orktober Goodies!


Kromlech has offered folks another sneak peek at what's coming for Orktober this year.

Plasma Guns & Retributors; Kromlech’s August Releases


Kromlech has a boatload of awesome bits to drop into the mix for the month of August.

Kromlech Launch Their Summer Kitbash Contest & A Sneak Peek!


The team at Kromlech have announced their new Summer Kitbash Contest where you can get involved and show off your creations using their extensive bitz range. 

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