Dive Into Kromlech’s EPIC New Orktober 2022 Collection!

October 4, 2022 by brennon

Orktober 2022 has landed and that means that Kromlech has put together another absolutely stunning collection of releases for you to sink your teef into. Embrace the Waaaagh! and snap up some new miniatures, vehicles, terrain and more for your 28mm Sci-Fi wargames.

Orc Corsairs Warlord Deffkrooza - Kromlech

Orc Corsairs - Warlord Deffkrooza // Kromlech

We start with the deadly new leader miniature for this band of Orc Corsairs, the dastardly Warlord Deffkrooza. He is taking piracy to the next level and will be raiding the wastelands with his crew close at hand. He has been given quite the suit of armour and comes armed with a savage anchor on one hand and a cannon on the other. I love that the cannon has been loaded by some cunning Grots who don't fancy the chances of the enemy being able to stand up to the betentacled thing that lives inside!

As well as the new named character miniature, you can also pick up some funky miniatures to be part of Deffkrooza's crew.

Orc Corsairs Kaptins Team - Kromlech

Orc Corsairs - Kaptins Team // Kromlech

The Kaptain surrounds himself with some well-trained allies who come armed with an assortment of heavy weapons. Think of them as those operating the big guns on the back of a ship. I always like the idea of Orc weaponry looking so utterly zany. Sculptors have had a lot of fun bringing them to life with the knowledge that Orcs simply "will" them to work.

If you're looking to do some boarding actions then you can also call on the Orc Storm Riderz Team.

Orc Storm Riderz Team - Kromlech

Orc Storm Riderz Team // Kromlech

These fellows will be zooming through the air before landing on the deck of an enemy ship, weapons at the ready. Pilfer the loot, kill the crew and make off with the spoils before they know what has hit them! Between the two kits shown here, you've got some strong ranged and melee options for your expanding crew of Orc Pirates.

All of the Orc Corsairs, their weapons, heads, bodies, accessories and more are all available separately as well as part of the squads above. So, if you like the look of the heads or weapons but not the rest then you can snap these up and use them alongside an existing plastic kit.

New Orc Vehicles

What crew would be complete without something to ride around in? Well, that's where this new vehicle kit comes in - the Battle Rig!

Orc Corsairs Battle Rig - Kromlech

Orc Corsairs Battle Rig // Kromlech

This impressive resin kit comes with a mass of highly detailed parts for making this the core of your Corsair fleet. With some fancy guns strapped to it and a few unfortunates as well, this seems like it could be the centrepiece of an Orc army for the Warboss who has everything. I love the Weirdboy up in the crow's nest wearing a hood that makes him look like a big, spooky Jolly Roger. Plus, what's not to like about a proper pirate ship being part of an Orc army? I wonder who they thieved it from?

Keeping an eye on "da fleet" as it cruises across the planet, there are also two aircraft that have been added to the range this month. You have the Stormjet Fighta...

Stormjet Fighta - Kromlech

Stormjet Fighta // Kromlech

...and the Boomfighta Bomber.

Boomfighta Bomber - Kromlech

Boomfighta Bomber // Kromlech

These are made out of a mix of HDF and resin (for some of the more detailed components) allowing you to put together some impressive aircraft. They look like solid options as they are but I reckon that they could be matched to your specific clan easily enough with the addition of more icons and more dakka! Strap guns to everything so that it's effectively a big flying weapon!

A Pirate Cove To Stash Da Loot?

Capping things off, we also have an impressive new terrain kit (that can also be picked up in bitz if you prefer).

Orkenburg Zone Theatre Of War - Kromlech

Orkenburg Zone - Theatre Of War // Kromlech

The Orkenburg Zome is a big HDF kit that allows you to build a proper stronghold for your Orcs to hunker down in. Use this to represent where all of the loot that they have stolen has been stashed and turn this into the daring focus of a clash between two Warbosses. Kromlech's terrain is always top notch and this doesn't feel like it's any different in terms of detail.

It should also be noted that Kromlech has a bunch of accessories as well if you're eager to show your Orky fighting spirit. Busts, Beanies, Dice Trays, Hip Flasks and Hoodies are all part of the mix over on their webstore.

Make sure to dive in and see more of the collection over on their webstore. You won't regret it!

"...what's not to like about a proper pirate ship being part of an Orc army? I wonder who they thieved it from?"

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