Kromlech Celebrate Orktober With New Cybork Miniatures!

October 9, 2023 by brennon

Kromlech is celebrating another awesome Orktober with a big new range of miniatures. The time of the Cyborks has come and that means a whole new wave of cybernetically enhanced Orks hitting the tabletop for your Sci-Fi wargames.

Cybork Mercenaries Boss - Kromlech

Cybork Mercenaries Boss // Kromlech

Leading the way is the Mercenaries Boss who looks suitably brutal and cunning in equal measure. He has the look of a stealthy killer but also comes armed and armoured for a good old scrap. He even has a cybernetically enhanced arm which showcases that he's no stranger to a scrap. I could see this fellow as a good battlefield engineer, tinkering away as the fighting happens all around him.

Sticking with these on-foot killers, we also have the regular Mercenaries squad.

Cybork Mercenaries - Kromlech

Cybork Mercenaries // Kromlech

Again, there is a focus on being sneaky and stabby with these miniatures and so they would work as a good bodyguard for the character we saw above. I like the variety in the masks and the different weapons that they have probably boshed together themselves.

Setting up an ambush or two, we also have the Cybork Tank Hunters who have armed themselves with some seriously beefy rocket launchers.

Cybork Tank Hunters - Kromlech

Cybork Tank Hunters // Kromlech

These might not hit all that often but when they do, they go off with a very big bang. I also have to point out the fellow in the bottom right who has had to strap his face up in bandages after getting hurt by his own weapon malfunctioning!

If you want to cause even more mayhem, you also have the Deffboyz. These fellows are going to be unleashing a torrent of lead into your enemies so they can fill them full of holes.

Deffboyz - Kromlech

Deffboyz // Kromlech

It's also incredibly Orky that even these massive heavy weapons come with blades for when the Orks need to get crumping. If the shooting fails, make sure to lop off your enemy's head with one of those blades!

New Orktober Vehicles

Moving on to look at some vehicles, the Cyborks get to play around with what appears to be an explosive device with "wings". I could imagine these crashing and bumping across the battlefield, threatening to explode at any moment, firing all of their weapons in a wild haze of mayhem.

Deffbikes - Kromlech

Deffbikes // Kromlech

You get three Deffbikes in the set but you can also buy them individually if you prefer. All of them have a nice individual look and feel to them with a good Mad Max twist here and there for good measure.

Sticking with vehicles but going MUCH bigger, we have the impressive-looking Orc Moon Krumpanaut.

Orc Moon Krumpanaut - Kromlech

Orc Moon Krumpanaut // Kromlech

Part shrine to the greenskin gods and (majority) part war machine capable of turning your enemy into mincemeat, this is another impressive walker that you can drop into the mix alongside your Orks. Whilst previous big miniatures like this have been part MDF, this is a full resin kit so it's going to be one hell of a chunky boy when it lands on the tabletop. I really like that it's as much a shrine and a symbol of the power of the Orks as it is a weapons platform. The big moon-belly works really well and I like the lookout space on the top.

It should be noted that all of the miniatures that you've seen here are resin. Kromlech have also been doing their job for a very long time so you should expect some of the best quality kit when these land on your doorstep.

Some Nice Orky Extras!

Capping things off, we also have some additional sets that might be handy for littering the battlefield. You can pick up some Casualties both on the small and large side...

Small Orc Casualties - Kromlech

Small Orc Casualties // Kromlech

Large Orc Casualties - Kromlech

Large Orc Casualties // Kromlech

These would be great when including in your basing but they would also be good to use as objective markers on the tabletop as well. Having themed objectives can really add to a game and help build up the story that you're trying to tell on the tabletop. Even the Orks might need to reclaim some of their scrap so they can bring it back to base.

If you're looking to be super awesome then you might also want to pick up the Cyborks Dice Set from Kromlech to complete the look.

Cyborks Dice Set - Kromlech

Cyborks Dice Set // Kromlech

A solid set of dice with nice, simple-to-read faces on them for you to use with your army. Make sure to paint up your army in awesome yellow and black and you'll blind your enemy as well as best them on the tabletop.

Could you be tempted by these new Cyborks from Kromlech?

"Leading the way is the Mercenaries Boss who looks suitably brutal and cunning in equal measure..."

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