Delve Into Kromlech’s Dark Forest With Brand New Terrain Kits!

January 31, 2022 by brennon

Kromlech has been previewing some of the stunning new terrain they have been working on for spooky, Fantasy tabletops. The Dark Forest is looming on the horizon with these new kits becoming available to buy later this week!

Abandoned Windmill - Kromlech

Abandoned Windmill // Kromlech

The big kit that stands head and shoulders over everything else, is the Abandoned Windmill. This is a towering and teetering creation that is certain to house some terrible secret. You can see just how tall it is when sat next to a little Kromlech Dwarf!

I love the idea of this being used as part of games of Mordheim, sitting on the fringes of the city. Your warband takes a breather within it before being assaulted by strange noises and bumps in the night. Whilst this has been fortified, there are definitely ghouls, ghosts and more hiding within its walls!

Sat around the Abandoned Windmill, we also have these creepy trees.

Dark Forest Woods - Kromlech

Dark Forest Woods // Kromlech

You could imagine these woods closing in around your troops as they march through the shadows. Soon, the sunlight vanishes behind the reaching canopy and you find yourself plunged into darkness. Whilst there is certainly something Warhammer about this terrain, it would also be excellent for Sludge, Turnip28 and also games like The Silver Bayonet. It certainly matches the folklore-horror of that skirmish game.

Turn Your Entire Tabletop Into The Dark Forest!

Playing around with the idea of creating a fully realised "world" on the tabletop, Kromlech has also put together some fun bits and pieces. These Haystacks no doubt harbour creepy skeletons for example!

Dark Forest Haystacks - Kromlech

Dark Forest Haystacks // Kromlech

I also think that these Dark Forest Stone Fences have been designed to keep things in rather than keep you out!

Dark Forest Stone Fences - Kromlech

Dark Forest Stone Fences // Kromlech

I love that some of them have seen better days. You could imagine them being on the fringes of some massive manorhouse or watching over the grounds of the Abandoned Windmill. It's also neat to see that the wood has worked its way through the stone in places. Bushes, branches and mushrooms are working their way through the stone.

Storytelling With Scatter Terrain

In addition to some of the larger pieces, Kromlech is also working on a range of scatter terrain to go alongside the Dark Forest range. There are some fun pieces here that all tell a little bit of a story.

Dark Forest Gravestones - Kromlech

Dark Forest Gravestones // Kromlech

These Gravestones, for example, offer up a place for your warbands to go scavenging. They have clearly been forgotten by time but that means that treasures lie beneath your feet. I would imagine that the spirits that reside here aren't too happy about you plundering their grave goods though.

You also have a series of notice boards and such that you might find propped up along the roadside.

Dark Forest Community Board - Kromlech

Dark Forest Community Board // Kromlech

Dark Forest Contracts & Bounties Board - Kromlech

Dark Forest Contracts & Bounties Board // Kromlech

Dark Forest Notice Board - Kromlech

Dark Forest Notice Board // Kromlech

If you're a Witcher or a band of Empire Mercenaries then these would be perfect. You could set these up as part of a roleplaying game or something more story-based on the tabletop. Again, a perfect option for something like Rangers Of Shadow Deep or The Silver Bayonet.

I also like that they could be places to find interesting objects and story beats. Maybe you wander up to the Bounty Board and get your hands on that amulet hanging there? It could hold the key to your quest as you venture deeper into the wilderness!

You also have these lovely Signposts which, again, add to the storytelling on the tabletop. You could even have a Gamesmaster do something fun with these...

Dark Forest Signposts - Kromlech

Dark Forest Signposts // Kromlech

You get the players to the tabletop and tell them they need to get from (for example) Dussdork to Humbirgin. They play two or three turns and then you tell them to go away from the table. You spin things around and replace some of the signposts and then invite them back!

The woods have turned them around and nothing is quite as it seems! Will they remember where they were meant to be going or will they wander into the jaws of some enterprising hag who has been watching their every move?

Are you tempted to snap up this new terrain collection?

"There are some fun pieces here that all tell a little bit of a story..."

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