Celebrate Easter With Kromlech’s “Cute” Easter Egg Gnaw!

April 11, 2022 by brennon

Kromlech are getting into the Easter spirit with their new special release for this year. See what you make of the Easter Egg Gnaw that popped up on their webstore this week.

Easter Egg Gnaw - Kromlech

Easter Egg Gnaw // Kromlech

Inside the set, you get yourself what you see here! This Gnaw has snacked its way out of its egg and is now looking for a new source of food. Apparently, it's well known that Gnaws are oviparous! I'm not sure that I would want to find one of these inside my lovely chocolate egg.

Easter Egg Gnaw Alt - Kromlech

Easter Egg Gnaw Details // Kromlech

The model is made in resin and fits around the 28/32mm scale. So, you could use this fellow for a fun Easter-themed "egg hunt" this weekend. Imagine your Ork warbands having to find the precious golden Gnaw that has escaped from their grasp!

I think that would make for a pretty funny scenario. You could have it so that the Gnaw is pretty tough to kill thanks to that egg still encasing it so it would come down to a proper up close and personal scrap.

Are you tempted to snap this Easter model up?

"...you could use this fellow for a fun Easter-themed "egg hunt" this weekend"

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