Kromlech Unleash Gobbobrawlers On Fantasy Football Pitches!

December 6, 2022 by brennon

Kromlech has released another team of greenskins for use during your Fantasy Football games. We've had the dastardly Orcs and now we've got the scheming and deadly Goblins coming to win big!

Gobbobrawlers Of Dark Forest Team - Kromlech

Gobbobrawlers Of Dark Forest Team // Kromlech

At the heart of the new collection is the big new team of Goblins known as the Gobbobrawlers Of Dark Forest Team. This set features a collection of similarly themed Goblins to the Orcs we saw previously alongside a bunch of special weapons and sneak tricks that can be used to make up for being tiny and very breakable.

As well as the full team which comes with every one of the new releases, there are also separate packs which offer up a selection for you to choose from and use alongside existing teams that you might have on the shelf.

Gobbobrawlers Linemen - Kromlech

Gobbobrawlers Linemen // Kromlech

For example, you have the Linemen above but you also have a variety of their special weapons like the Bomboozlers below who get a pogo stick and a very "inflated" squig. I think you can guess what is going to happen when that gets thrown.

Gobbobrawlers Bomboozlers - Kromlech

Gobbobrawlers Bomboozlers // Kromlech

You've also got a crude representation of a chainsaw in this Dirty Tricks set alongside a fellow who is going to be hoping those feathers give them extra gliding potential when thrown by a big ol' troll.

Gobbobrawlers Dirty Tricks - Kromlech

Gobbobrawlers Dirty Tricks // Kromlech

You also have the last of their specialists with the Nasty Players pack. This comes with a goblin using a flail, embracing that fanatic lifestyle, and another chap with a blowpipe who is going to take someone down and make them very sleepy!

Gobbobrawlers Nasty Players - Kromlech

Gobbobrawlers Nasty Players // Kromlech

Last but not least, we also have a set of Fantasy Balls that have been themed to the Dark Forest. Maybe you could do a Dark Forest Cup and have the Orcs going up against the Goblins to see who comes out on top. Does brute strength or sneaky stabbing win out in the end?

Dark Forest Fantasy Balls Set - Kromlech

Dark Forest Fantasy Balls Set // Kromlech

All of these miniatures are available for you to snap up right now from over on the Kromlech webstore and there are whisperings of a big set of terrain coming out to support these Fantasy Football players.

Are you going to be picking up these new miniatures?

"Maybe you could do a Dark Forest Cup and have the Orcs going up against the Goblins to see who comes out on top..."

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