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Tabletop-Art Mutant Football Team Releasing In February


Tabletop-Art has been previewing something away from terrain for those who like their Fantasy Football games.

Avatars Of War Call On Lizardmen For Fantasy & Football


Avatars Of War have two new miniatures for you to check out this week which might help you expand your Fantasy collection.

Meet Avatars Of War’s Grim Dwarf Berserker Fantasy Footballer


Avatars Of War continue to build on their Fantasy collection with a Fantasy Football player this time around.

Punga Miniatures Bring The Undead To The Football Pitch


Punga Miniatures are closing in on the FINAL HOURS of their Kickstarter packed full of Vampires, Egyptians & Necromancers.

Zenit Miniatures’ Neko Team Meows Onto The Fantasy Football Pitch


Zenit Miniatures has been diving into the quirky oddness of Fantasy Football and brought to life a new team on their webstore.

Train Up Expansions For Games Workshop’s Blitz Bowl


Games Workshop has been looking to their Barnes & Noble range of releases (sorry the rest of the world) with some new expansions to Blitz Bowl ahead of the Christmas period.

Star Players Join Tabletop-Art’s NAF World Cup Squad


Tabletop-Arts have been showing off some very quirky looking Star Players which will be joining the NAF World Cp 2019 Squad.

Willy’s Lords Of Corruption Spread Their Wings On Kickstarter


Willy Miniatures have put up a Kickstarter preview page for a campaign they are about to kick off seeking to upgrade their Lords of Corruption Fantasy Football team. 

Iron Golems Hit Kickstarter With Halfling Fantasy Football Team


Iron Golems do some awesome Fantasy Football teams and their latest venture is to see how you like their Halfling Team!

Snap Up A New Grassy Blood Bowl Pitch From GameMat.Eu


GameMat.Eu designed new gaming mats for the London Grand Tournament of Blood Bowl and they've now brought that design over to their webstore for you to snap up.

Mystery Studio Prepare Your Fantasy Football Commentators


Mystery Studio on Etsy has been showing off one of their newest model sets. If you play a lot of Fantasy Football you might recognise this pair who they have named Borbg & Sherlock.

Black Scorpion Share Their Salute Wares This Weekend!


Black Scorpion is going to be coming along to Salute this year with some awesome bits and bobs for you.

Warploque Tease Fantasy Football On Kickstarter This Summer


Warploque Miniatures have some big plans for this summer as they look towards Warp Team Fantasy Football to make a splash with their Halfling team.

Warploque’s First WTFF Players Step Onto The Football Pitch


Warploque have revealed the first two players for their new range of Warp Team Fantasy Football miniatures.

Necrons & Mini-Blood Bowl; New GW Games On The Horizon


Two new Games Workshop board games are in the works and were previewed at the NY Toy Fair 2018 this past weekend.

Celebrate Valentines Day With Punga’s Heartfelt Orc


Available from the 9th through to the 15th of February, you can get your hands on the Valentines Orc from Punga Miniatures as part of their Kickstarter for Fantasy Football teams.

Warploque Take Their Talents To The Football Pitch With New WTFF Range


Warploque have announced that this year they will be bringing out their first new range of miniatures since they first launched ArcWorlde back in 2013. It's time to strap on your game kit and head out onto the football field.

Guild Ball Unboxing: Blacksmith’s Guild Set + Mason & Brewers Terrain


We have a double bill of Guild Ball goodness as we kick off with a look at the Blacksmith's Guild: Master Crafted Arsenal set and then the Masons and Brewers Terrain pack.

[Updated] PVC Fishermen & Butcher’s Guild – IndieGoGo Tonight 20:00 GMT


Somewhat out of the blue we got news that the Fisherman & Butcher's Guilds are coming to IndieGoGo from Steamforged Games with new PVC teams.

Punga’s Fantasy Football Savage Orc Now On Kickstarter


Punga Miniatures has now hit Kickstarter with their team of Fantasy Football playing Savage Orcs, inspired by the cultures of the Pacific Islands.

Norba Miniatures Bring Bretons To The Fantasy Football Field


Norba Miniatures are focusing in on some awesome Fantasy Football Breton figures for you to play your games of Blood Bowl and the like with.

Guild Ball Unboxing: Farmer’s Guild


Today we're delving into the contents of the Farmer's Guild: The Honest Land for Guild Ball, from Steamforged Games.

Greebo Summon More Sculpts For Their Alastoran Kickstarter


Greebo Games have revealed some new renders of the diabolical Alastoran models they will be bringing to Kickstarter next month.

Fiendish Football Players and Barbarian Santas Appear At Greebo Games


Greebo Games are getting into the Christmas spirit with a seasonal concept, along with a WiP for their upcoming Alastoran Kickstarter.

Punga Miniatures Hook Themselves A Star Player


Punga Miniatures have shown off the star player of their Toa Orc players who will be joining them on Kickstarter in early 2018.

Dark Tower Studios Shows Off Epic Scatter Terrain


Dark Tower Studios is making it even easier to set the perfect scene on the table for your games with their fantastic resin terrain.

Puppets War’s Cheerleader Cheers On Their Pilot Heads


Puppets War have a pair of new previews up, ranging from a cheerleader from the fantasy football sidelines to a new pilot helmet design.

Sorceresses And Amazons Play Football At FireForge


FireForge Games have announced that they will soon be heading to Kickstarter with a fantasy team of Amazons.

FireForge Gather Their Female Fantasy Football Team


FireForge Games are delving into the world of Fantasy Football with their new Female Team which could easily work as both Humans and Elves I reckon.

The Toa Orcs See Their First Release From Punga Miniatures


The Toa Orcs by Punga Miniatures have taken shape over on their Facebook Page with a new printing of three of their Fantasy Football players.

Play Ball Using Puppets War’s Sports Gloves


Puppets War have released their new set of Sports Gloves to give you a hand in fantasy football matches.

Help RollJordan Name Their Lizardman Team


RollJordan has been showing off one of their new Fantasy Football teams which will be going to Kickstarter soon and they need a name.

Punga Begin Building Their Maori Orc Fantasy Football Team


Punga Miniatures are a new design studio that is working to bring a team of Maori inspired Orcs to the tabletop for use in your Fantasy Football games like Blood Bowl.

Raise Up MoMMiniaturas’ Trophy For Fantasy Football


MoMMiniaturas are working on a new trophy to let you celebrate your fantasy football victories.

Check Out RN eStudio’s Reaper Fantasy Football Team


RN eStudio is on Kickstarter right now looking for funding for their Reapers Fantasy Football team, a right bunch of Chaos hooligans!

The Majestic Amon & A Fat Blood Bowl Rat New From Forge World


We've got two flavours of model for you today from Forge World. The first is quite serious

Knock Some Fantasy Football Heads Together With Tabletop Art


Tabletop-Art has added some new Fantasy Football head options to their webstore for those looking to spice things up on their models

Puppets War Give A Big Hand For Fantasy Football


Puppets War have published a preview of the next project they are working on, something to help your players keep a hold of the ball in fantasy football.

Black Scorpion’s Halfling Team Take Their Game To The Webstore


Black Scorpion have released their much anticipated Halfling Team for fantasy football.

Play As The Orcland Raiders With New Blood Bowl Alternate Kit


If you want to add some superstar quality to your Orc team in Blood Bowl then you might want to check out the Orcland Raiders kit from Forge World.

El Kraken Released Has Unlocked Add Ons For Their Tercios Team


The Fantasy Football Tercios Team Kickstarter from El Kraken Released has gotten some new add ons unlocked with the promise of stretch goals heading this way. What team would be complete without some cheerleaders, and only nun cheerleaders would cheer for the Tercios!

Field A Fantasy Football Team Of 17th Century Tercios


Why not bring some 17th Century character out onto the table? El Kracken Released has The Fantasy Football Tercios Team on Kickstarter right now.

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