New Vampire Team Gets Burst Of Vitality For Blood Bowl!

August 31, 2023 by brennon

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A new Games Workshop preview dropped this week for Blood Bowl of all games! Yes, we're going to be getting a new team with the Vampires getting revamped (hah) for a bit of Fantasy Football on the tabletop.

The Drakfang Thirsters - Blood Bowl

The Drakfang Thirsters // Blood Bowl

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The Drakfang Thirsters are a great team of bloodsuckers and their thralls that are eager to score a touchdown before the sun comes up. This new set of miniatures have been given a proper classic Horror vibe to them which harks back to old films that you might have watched when you weren't meant to as a kid!

The new team is made up of classic Vampires and Thralls but you also get a few new positional players which give the team a bit of an edge.

Vampire Thrower - Blood Bowl

Vampire Thrower // Blood Bowl

For example, there is the new Vampire Thrower who is able to land a darn good pass from half way down the field. You've also got the wonderful Vampire Runner, someone I wouldn't want to be standing in front of as she charges down the wing!

Vampire Runner - Blood Bowl

Vampire Runner // Blood Bowl

All in all, this is an absolutely awesome set of miniatures for Blood Bowl. Whilst not quite my vibe, I do love that the sculptors for Blood Bowl get to have a lot of fun with the teams they produce. You'll even find some fun ball sculpts, tokens and more that are in line with the aesthetic of the new team. I'm sure that a lot of folks are also going to be taking some of the players here and using them as the basis of new kitbashes!

Thrall Linemen - Blood Bowl

Thrall Linemen // Blood Bowl

A lot of the classic rules you'll know from the Vampire team of old are present here. You've still got Hypnotic Gaze which is useful for confounding the opposition but beware of the Bloodlust that you're going to have to manage as these players get riled up during play.

Could you be tempted by a new undead Blood Bowl Team?

"...we're going to be getting a new team with the Vampires getting revamped (hah) for a bit of Fantasy Football"

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