Learn More About Myth & Goal In First Design Diary

August 24, 2021 by brennon

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James Hewitt of Needy Cat Games dived into the first of their Design Diaries for Myth & Goal, the new Fantasy Football game hitting Kickstarter in September. Learn a bit more about the game here and watch out for our interview on Myth & Goal coming soon!

Myth & Goal Teaser - Blacklist Games

Myth & Goal Teaser // Blacklist Games

One of the core things to take from the first Design Diary is that Needy Cat are looking to bring a great Fantasy Football game to the tabletop that offers up something a little different from Blood Bowl. Portions of the design are based on Blitz Bowl which Hewitt had a hand in but a lot more has been done to build on this to make an approachable and easy-to-learn game with some added depth for veterans to get stuck into.

There are four core teams in the game as it stands, the Durnhold Anvils (Dwarfs), Belhurst Imperials (Humans), Westarch Ruffians (Orcs) and Athrian Sapphires (High Elves), and all someone needs to do to get playing is to pick one of them and start playing. The twist comes in the use of a Team Focus. This modifier gives the team something of a quirk like Mighty or Indomitable.


Myth & Goal Stat Cards // Blacklist Games

Things are then further changed in the flow of play and the way characters work within your team. The core of the game focuses on team management and making sure that you control your team in such a way that they don't become fatigued. You then have to make tough choices. Do you wear your star player out with another push even though they'll run out of puff? Do you let the penalty points build up?

There are also some tweaks to the game itself. Whilst inspired by American Football, there are some changes. You can score either by besting the enemy's Bastion or toss it through the Goal at the end of the field. Play also doesn't stop once you score. Instead of resetting things continue at pace, much like with DreadBall, so you'll need to plan for attack and defence.

I am certainly intrigued by the way they are plotting out the course for this game.

Are you liking the way Myth & Goal is shaping up?

"I am certainly intrigued by the way they are plotting out the course for this game..."

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