The Norsca Rampagers Blitz Into Blood Bowl This Weekend

April 11, 2022 by brennon

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Storming down from the North, the Norsca Rampagers are making a name for themselves on the Blood Bowl pitch from this weekend. Pre-orders will be going live from Games Workshop for this new 28mm Fantasy Football team.

Norsca Rampagers - Blood Bowl

Norsca Rampagers // Blood Bowl

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The set comes with a band of beer-chugging Berserkers that are going to be a pain for anyone to deal with during the lineout. Backing them up are some fearsome and frenzied Ulfwerner that can savage their targets and the Valkyries who will be zipping down the wing to score a touchdown. The Beer Boar will also be found running around in the middle of the pitch, offering your players a pick-me-up. Who wouldn't want a top-up on their ale in the midst of a scrap?

New Star Players & Monsters

As well as the regular plastic team, you'll also be able to pick up some Big 'Uns and Star Players from the folks at Forge World. Whilst the regular team is plastic, these options down below will come in resin instead.

Yhetee - Blood Bowl

Yhetee // Blood Bowl

Storming down the middle of the pitch is the mighty Yhetee. Why worry about scoring when you could just send all of your opponent's team to the dugout with bandages all over their limbs? If you fancy a more, well, fancy Yhetee then you can also pick up Skrorg Snowpelt!

Skrorg Snowpelt - Blood Bowl

Skrorg Snowpelt // Blood Bowl

Snowpelt is just as adept at ripping the arms off opposing players as his other Yhetee brothers but he also comes with the ability to amp up the crowd! That magnificent beard is deserving of a sponsorship deal in its own right. I do like the comedy angle that Blood Bowl allows you to take, playing around with the Warhammer world and its wild assortment of factions and monsters.

If you like your Star Players sans-fur then you can also pick up the likes of Thorsson Stoutmead.

Thorsson Stoutmead - Blood Bowl

Thorsson Stoutmead // Blood Bowl

Thorsson Stoutmead acts just as his miniature would suggest. He has taken to throwing barrels of beer at his foes despite the warnings from the referee. This means that you have the chance to knock down pesky players from range and clear the way for your Valkyries.

We also have the spectacular Ivar Eriksson.

Ivar Eriksson - Blood Bowl

Ivar Eriksson // Blood Bowl

This fellow is pretty much the definition of a Star Player. He comes already powered up with the Block, Guard, AND Tackle skills in his repertoire. So, if you just want someone really reliable at the centre of your team then this is the way to go.

All of the rules for the miniatures you see here will come in the new Spike! Journal magazine. This is available physically and digitally and offers up the rules for using Norse in Blood Bowl and Dungeon Bowl.

Norse Accessories

As well as the miniatures, you will also be able to pick up a set of dice and cards that will keep you thinking tactically during your games with the Norse.

Norse Team Card Pack - Blood Bowl

Norse Team Dice And Card Pack // Blood Bowl

The themed dice come with a stylised dragon on the one face which is pretty awesome. You also get all of the normal Blood Bowl dice that you'd need for playing your games. A solid option for someone wanting to make sure everything is themed when they hit the tabletop.

You can also pick up the terrifyingly icy Norse Pitch which also comes with themed dugouts.

Norse Pitch - Blood Bowl

Norse Pitch // Blood Bowl

Special rules are included for playing on icy surfaces. Don't fall through the cracked sections! I like the idea of teams having themed pitches like this so you can properly show the whole "home and away" theme during your leagues. I also love the design work that has gone into the dugouts. Who wouldn't want a funeral boat for your apothecary to toss your players onto?

Are you tempted by this new Norse team?

"All of the rules for the miniatures you see here will come in the new Spike! Journal magazine..."

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