Punga’s Fantasy Football Savage Orc Now On Kickstarter

January 17, 2018 by brennon

Punga Miniatures has now hit Kickstarter with their team of Fantasy Football playing Savage Orcs, inspired by the cultures of the Pacific Islands. See what you think...

Savage Orcs - Punga Miniatures

There are two teams for you to pick up with a distinctly original look to them. You can either pick up the Toa Orcs or branch out and snap up the Magma Tribe as well.

Savage Orcs Pledge - Punga Miniatures

Pledging within the first fifty-five-hour window will mean that you get a bit of a cool bundle to snap up as you can see above. The teams are great as they do look distinctly different AND you get two variants of the Big Guy to throw into the mix with the Totem Troll going up against the Whale Troll.

I think that I personally prefer the awesome Whale Troll!

"You can either pick up the Toa Orcs or branch out and snap up the Magma Tribe as well..."

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