Myth & Goal Kicks Off Its Fantasy Football Kickstarter Project!

September 22, 2021 by brennon

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Blacklist Games and Needy Cat Games have come together to bring a new project to Kickstarter. Myth & Goal is looking like an excellent new Fantasy sports board game for you to dive into!

Myth & Goal Kickstarter - Blacklist Games

Check Out Myth & Goal On Kickstarter // Blacklist Games

If you'd like to learn a bit more about Myth & Goal then we chatted with James M. Hewitt of Needy Cat Games about the game, its mechanics and its theme. It is well worth checking out!

What Makes Myth & Goal A Good Blood Bowl Alternative?

When it comes to the game itself, Myth & Goal can be played out as a versus affair but it can also be played solo too. You can also dive in and play the game as part of a larger League format if you want to see progression between your matches. There are even options for creating custom teams which mean you can step out of the focus of just playing Humans, Elves, Orcs and Dwarves.

Check Out The Myth & Goal Rulebook

When you dive into a game of Myth & Goal you start by picking your faction. Beyond that, you'll then choose a Focus. This allows you to immediately change up how your team might work. Want to go with a nimble set of Dwarves which breaks the archetype? Go for it!

Next, you'll build up your Tactics Deck which gives you a range of bonuses during gameplay. Five players are then chosen to be your starting team from a set of eight and you dive into your games!

Play Myth & Goal On Tabletop Simulator

Games of Myth & Goal are then won by scoring points by either throwing the ball through the opponent's goal or running it through their defences. What's neat about Myth & Goal is that activation of a player doesn't mean the end of their turn. When a player activates, they take Fatigue and can have a number of tokens equal to their Fatigue Limit. This means that you'll have to manage the amount of "puff" left in your players before you consider going for that massive play!

Actions in the game are then worked out using a selection of custom dice and pools for both sides. It all looks fairly easy to get your head around with a Beta Rulebook that comes in at about twenty pages. I am certainly intrigued, especially as a person who loves a bit of Blood Bowl!

Myth & Goal Pledges

When it comes to backing the project, there are a couple of options to consider. The big one is the aptly named Myth & Goal Pledge which contains the base game for Myth & Goal and all of the unlocked stretch goals.

Myth & Goal Pledge - Blacklist Games

Myth & Goal Pledge // Blacklist Games

You get the core miniatures for each of the named teams plus you also have loads of Free Agents which can be used to bolster the ranks. However, if you're not worried about the miniatures you can also take a look at the Rookie Pledge.

Rookie Pledge - Blacklist Games

Rookie Pledge // Blacklist Games

This gives you all of the cards, dice and such that you need for playing a game of Myth & Goal but replaces the miniatures with standees instead. If you're not fussed about painting miniatures or you just don't need more plastic in your life, this is for you. I like that Blacklist Games have included this as it is a much more inviting option for those coming over from more traditional board games!

Check Out Myth & Goal On Kickstarter // Blacklist Games

Stretch Goals are of course on the way so make sure to keep an eye on this project to see what they introduce next. There are plenty of ways to get your head around the rules and such so you can certainly try before you pledge.

Are you tempted to check out Myth & Goal?

"There are plenty of ways to get your head around the rules and such so you can certainly try before you pledge..."

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