Iron Golems Hit Kickstarter With Halfling Fantasy Football Team

May 18, 2018 by brennon

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Iron Golems do some awesome Fantasy Football teams and their latest venture is to see how you like their Halfling Team!

Fantasy Football Halfling Team - Iron Golems

The team comes with all of the necessary players for you to use them in your games of Blood Bowl. You get a whole host of awesome Halflings all running around the pitch looking to not get squished. Plus, you also get two massive Treemen who are in the middle of stomping your opponents!

Treemen - Iron Golems

There are plenty of added extras on the Kickstarter including a themed pitch and background items as well as the Team Staff as you'll see here which just adds to your characterful team of idiot Halflings!

Halfling Team Staff - Iron Golem

Add-Ons and more Stretch Goals are also throwing in additional models as you'll see. I have always liked the Halfling teams in Blood Bowl, even though they suck! We once played a full Halfling League once...and it didn't end well. There was a lot of blood and gore.

What do you think of the new team?

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