OnTableTop Spring Clean Hobby Challenge 2024 – Get Involved & Win Prizes!

April 4, 2024 by crew

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It's the return of the OnTableTop Spring Clean Hobby Challenge 2024. It's Springtime, a period of the year all about renewal and regrowth. We're asking you to crack out your old, broken, badly painted (yet still awesome) projects and give them a new lease on life.

Get Involved Here

All you have to do is delve into the Project Section and get building yourself a new entry that shows us your progress as you turn something old into something new.

How To Get Involved

Here's a rundown of what you need to do to be involved...

  • Create a Project
  • Click on the Drop Down Menu for Related Contest and choose Spring Clean Hobby Challenge 2024 (it's important you choose 2024!)
  • Start by showing us what you began with, an old model, piece of terrain, army or something more esoteric like a diorama!
  • Some ideas - turn something old into something new!
    • Revamp an old and unloved miniature in your collection
    • Revamp or rebase an entire army that needs some love!
    • Take some old miniatures and turn them into an ace diorama!
    • Break out those board game boxes that have been sitting for ages and paint up the miniatures inside!
    • Come up with some new lore and restart an army that you began and never finished!
  • Fill in your entries throughout the period of the contest showing us how you turned something old into something new
  • Enter from wherever you are in the world and get started on your awesome projects! (Some Restrictions Apply)
  • The challenge runs from 20th March through to 20th June (which just so happens to be all of Springtime!) so you've got about a few months to develop your project

We can't wait to see what kind of projects you bring together for this one.

Prize Support By Wayland Games & The Army Painter

No challenge is complete without some enticing prizes, and this year, we're fortunate to have the support of a couple of outstanding companies, each contributing generous prizes to the mix.

Core Prizes By Wayland Games

We are thrilled to announce that Wayland Games will be supporting the OnTableTop Spring Clean Hobby Challenge 2024 this year and are kindly providing 10 store vouchers for our core prizes.


5x £75 Winner Vouchers For Wayland Games

5x £25 Runner-Up Vouchers For Wayland Games

(Wayland Games Vouchers Are Valid for 6 Months From Issue Date)

Wayland Games Shipping Restrictions: "We ship parcels all over the world but regretfully we are unable to ship to addresses in Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Belarus, China and Swaziland. Orders made to these locations will be cancelled and refunded."

T&CS Apply - Visit the Wayland Games Website For More Details.

OnTableTop unfortunately therefore won't be able to accept Spring Clean Hobby Challenge 2024 entries from the above countries.

Grand Prize By The Army Painter

Additionally, The Army Painter is also supporting the OnTableTop Spring Clean Hobby Challenge 2024 and one lucky winner from the categories below will get a Warpaints Fanatic Mega Paint Set as a fantastic bonus grand prize!

T&CS Apply - Visit The Army Painter Website For More Details.

Some awesome prizes I think you'll agree. Maybe you'll be able to use those vouchers or that grand prize to tackle your pile of potential!

The 5 Categories & How To Win

So how do you win those prizes? Well, we have several categories that you can enter as part of the Spring Clean Hobby Challenge! Prizes for Winner and Runner-Ups will be given out to...

Best Skill - The most skilled work, be it painting or overall finish.

Best Tutorial - The person who shows us, in detail, the steps from start to finish.

Best Idea - You don't have to have finished your work to be able to produce something which showed great skill in the planning.

Best Junior Member - Someone under the age of 16 will also win themselves a prize! (Remember to mark your project as a Junior Member in the title!)

A Breath Of Fresh Air - Take a beautiful picture of your finished work in an awesome outdoor location!

All entries will be judged based on the number of votes on a project in each of the above categories (Skill, Tutorial, Idea) so if you see a project that you think really deserves recognition, remember to get involved and hit those buttons!

project buttons spring clean hobby challenge

Remember To Hit Those Buttons & Share The Love!

This number is then combined with our personal choices from the OnTableTop team here in the studio and from that point, we'll pick our winners.

So make sure you delve into this and get stuck in. We, as part of the OnTableTop crew, are going to be getting involved ourselves and showing off the work we've been doing on our own long-forgotten projects.

Get involved!

Disclosure: OnTableTop and its companies are part of the group of companies owned and operated by Wayland Games Ltd since 12/10/2020

"Show Your Old Miniatures Some Love!"

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"Bring Old Projects Back To Life!"

Supported by (Turn Off)

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