The Towering Gharlghast Rampages Into Privateer’s Warmachine

April 16, 2024 by brennon

Some brand new releases have popped up on the Privateer Press webstore for those diving into Warmachine. There are releases for your Orgoth, the Khymaera and Khador but we start with an absolutely monstrous creation.

Gharlghast - Warmachine

Gharlghast // Warmachine

The Gharlghast is the first Colossal Monstrosity that has been added to the new edition of Warmachine. The Gharlghast can be customised with all sorts of additional bits and pieces and there are holes already sorted for you to slot magnets into. This is one hell of a hulking brute that has been mechanically augmented to become a living battering ram, absolutely festooned with guns and ways of crushing your enemies. If you've been collecting Orgoth for a while now then this might be a good way for you to cap off your current army.

Shadowflame Shard Reinforcements

As well as the monstrous Gharlghast, there are also some great new releases for the Shadowflame Shard of the Khymaera. If you're melee-inclined then you have the Quick Fang Master who will be slinking through the shadows to stab you in the back.

Quickfang Master - Warmachine

Quickfang Master // Warmachine

I really like the aesthetic of the Shadowflame Shard and the Khymaera in general. I am always a fan of dragonfolk in games and I like the unique twist that Privateer Press has added to Warmachine. I was fairly convinced that Dusk House Kallyss was the faction for me but I am starting to really like the design of the Khymaera.

If you're interested in butchering your foes with multiple weapons then you might like the Shadowmancer Scion.

Shadowmancer Scion - Warmachine

Shadowmancer Scion // Warmachine

Coiled around a rocky edifice, the Shadowmancer Scion is another awesome addition to the range. There is something distinctly "Conan" about these folks which I quite like and I could see them dwelling in a temple somewhere surrounded by sacrifices. That's now making me think that there is the potential for a fun diorama with Immoren-themed heroes battling through a Khymaera "snake temple".

There is a selection of units now available separately too. You might like the look of the Wyrmspine Shadowmancers...

Wyrmspine Shadowmancers - Warmachine

Wyrmspine Shadowmancers // Warmachine

...or perhaps the Quick Fang Wind Strikers. There are by no means all of the miniatures for the Khymaera and there are more units that fit the various characters available to this faction's leaders but this gives you a good idea of the style of miniatures you get with Khymaera.

Quickfang Wind Strikers - Warmachine

Quickfang Wind Strikers // Warmachine

It is well worth exploring the rest of the Shadowflame Shard. As mentioned above, they have a unique look that I've not seen in Warmachine before and I reckon they would be great fun to paint.

A Khador Wrecking Crew

If you're looking for something entirely different, there are also the huge, clanking warsuits of Khador for you to throw into the action. You can smash apart any foes with the use of the Wrecking Crew for example.

Wrecking Crew - Warmachine

Wrecking Crew // Warmachine

Rather than relying on the use of a shieldwall, the wrecking crew act like battering rams, using their arms and armour to shove aside soldiers and even light warjacks if they're lucky enough. They then turn everything around them into scrap with their buzzing saws. Power up those ram pistons!

If you like the idea of these warsuits then you might want this Kontroller to lead the way.

Kontroller - Warmachine

Kontroller // Warmachine

Armed to the teeth, the cargo claw is able to crush and clamp whatever gets in its way. It can also be used to manipulate the battlefield and move obstacles out of the way. A good option for those looking to shape the battlefield to suit your Khador forces. It also comes with a roster cannon which can make short work of enemies and freeze them in place.

Are you going to be scooping up some of these recent Warmachine releases?

"I really like the aesthetic of the Shadowflame Shard and the Khymaera in general..."

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