Grimskald Battle Bugs With Free Doomdivers Rule Set

April 19, 2024 by brennon

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Grimskald (and I) have been having fun with Helldivers recently and so they have put together a fun set of Free Rules for a game based on this very popular Sci-Fi video game. Doomdivers is available for you to scoop up and start playing now.

Doomdivers - Grimskald

Doomdivers // Grimskald

Doomdivers can be played solo against the bug horde or you can sit down with three other friends and play it four-player. You can also play the game five-player if you prefer with one person taking control of the dastardly bugs. The game has been designed to be quick and easy to pick up and play with no statistics for the Doomdivers themselves with all of the emphasis being put on the weapons they use.

Doomdivers Soldiers - Grimskald

Doomdivers Soldiers // Grimskald

You can quickly generate a mission and an objective that you need to complete and once you've chosen your loadout, you're good to dive in and have some fun. Damage is done based on the fire value of the weapon you've chosen. A Liberty Assault Rifle rolls two d6 for example and if you imagine you rolled a five, you'd then allocate five damage however you see fit within range of the weapon. This means you can spray and pray or try and focus down a particular dastardly bug.

As you might have imagined, you can also call in airstrikes, support weapons and more in order to defeat your foes. You will also blow up your friends more often than not which seems perfect for Doomdivers.

Miniatures-wise, you can use whatever 28mm miniatures you like. Grimskald used miniatures from Red Pilgrim and RedMaker (above) and the Tyranid range from Games Workshop. This seems like a good chance for you to start doing some kitbashing and get those bugs painted up that have been sitting waiting in your collection for the perfect moment.

Doomdivers Bug - Grimskald

Doomdivers Bug // Grimskald

As I mentioned above, Doomdivers is totally free so you can get it downloaded now and start playing the game this weekend. Crack out your Imperial Guard and your Tyranids and start saving planets in the name of democracy.

Are you going to be trying out Doomdivers soon?

"As I mentioned above, Doomdivers is totally free so you can get it downloaded now and start playing the game this weekend..."

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