Pick Up Perry Miniatures Napoleonic Civilians For Your Wargames

April 26, 2024 by brennon

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Perry Miniatures have now released their collection of Napoleonic Civilians for use in your diorama building and general hobby adventures. If you're looking for some good civilians to use in your 28mm Napoleonic wargames, will do the job, especially as part of a baggage train or in some of the villages and towns that your armies are marching through.

Brewers & Milkmaids - Perry Miniatures

Brewers & Milkmaids // Perry Miniatures

These civilians have been designed to represent the Central Northern Europeans that you might have seen wandering about the towns and countryside during the period. They represent the Germanic peoples of Europe as well as those of France, the Low Countries and Britain in some cases. There are now lower-class and upper-class options within the collection which is nice to see.

Baker Tinker & Woodsmen - Perry Miniatures

Baker, Tinker & Woodsmen // Perry Miniatures

All of the miniatures are, characteristically, packed with detail and would look brilliant popping up in different games. You could use them to add a bit of humanity to your battlefields, watching on as the war rages around them, or include them as scenario-specific NPCs and objectives that you need to deal with during your skirmishes.

Women & Children - Perry Miniatures

Women & Children // Perry Miniatures

If you're playing games like Chosen Men where the focus is on skirmishes rather than big battles, these could be perfect. They look like the kind of characters that Sharpe and his companions might have run into whilst they were ranging through France and perhaps even Spain.

Labourers & Veterans - Perry Miniatures

Labourers & Veterans // Perry Miniatures

Sets like these are great and they could well be the antidote to a bit of hobby fatigue. You could find yourself getting a little bored of painting uniforms endlessly so maybe mix things up with some of these miniatures. Maybe you could even be tempted by some cattle and a nice Milkmaid just minding her own business?

Milkmaid With Cows - Perry Miniatures

Milkmaid With Cows // Perry Miniatures

Are you going to be picking up some of these sets? There are eight of them for you to choose from to start adding to your games.

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"There are eight of them for you to choose from to start adding to your games..."

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