Late War Leviathans Coming To Battlefront’s Flames Of War

April 26, 2024 by brennon

With the release of Clash Of Steel, Battlefront Miniatures are looking to introduce some Late-War Leviathans into your games of Flames Of War. A free PDF is going to be available next week for those wanting to slot these 15mm scale heavily armoured behemoths into their armies.

Maus - Flames Of War

Maus // Flames Of War

Rolling beasts like the Maus and the T-44 are going to be getting rules for you to play out some Late-War What If? moments on the tabletop.

T-44 - Flames Of War

T-44 // Flames Of War

Whilst a lot of these tanks never really got to see the light of day, they could end up popping up in some of your games as you tell a different story for the tail end of World War II. This means that if you have thought about picking up Clash Of Steel or you have it sitting in your collection, you can crack those tanks out and use them alongside your Flames Of War armies.

ISU-130 - Flames Of War

ISU-130 // Flames Of War

If you fancy your tank-on-tank battles then stick with Clash Of Steel. If you want to throw in your infantry and play out bigger battles then consider exploring the free PDF next week that introduces these vehicles into Flames Of War.

There are lots of tanks getting rules for different nations like the Soviets, British, Americans and the Germans. You should find something that suits you.

Do you like the idea of running Late-War Leviathans in your Flames Of War games?

"Do you like the idea of running Late-War Leviathans in your Flames Of War games?"

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