Command Kromlech’s New Solar Guard In Your Sci-Fi Wargames

June 7, 2024 by brennon

Kromlech has released a new set of 28mm Sci-Fi miniatures for use in your Grimdark wargames and beyond. The Solar Guard are marching to war under the command of their questionable leaders. Do they have your best interests at heart? Nope. You are all grist for the mill.

Solar Guard Cohorts Command Squad - Kromlech

Solar Guard Cohorts Command Squad // Kromlech

Leading the way is this Command Squad. You get a Noble Imperial Lord Commander in the set alongside Inquisitor Valeria, an Officer Medicae, Comms Navigator and Parade Banner Servant. I think the only one who actually knows what they're doing is Inquisitor Valeria I would guess. The rest of these fellows are simply there to make sure the will of their betters is done and damn the cost.

Making up the core of your force is the Solar Guard Cohorts Infantry Squad. If you're someone who likes your old Praetorian Guard or the Mordian Iron Guard, these miniatures might be a fitting replacement.

Solar Guard Cohorts Infantry Squad - Kromlech

Solar Guard Cohorts Infantry Squad // Kromlech

The unit comes armed with standard rifles but you will also get anti-infantry and anti-vehicle weapons in there as well. The set is quite modular and you can swap out arms and heads as you like. I quite like the design and I think they might tickle the nostalgia portion of a few wargamer's brains.

A variety of mobile artillery are also available for you to pick up. There are three in total which come armed with all manner of different weapons, honed to either blast apart infantry or destroy vehicles and defensive positions. This one here is the Solar Guard Field Rocket Cannon.

Solar Guard Field Rocket Cannon - Kromlech

Solar Guard Field Rocket Cannon // Kromlech

Each of the sets comes with a big piece of artillery as well as the three crewmen who are busy making sure that the artillery keeps firing, no matter what. As it stands, what you've seen so far would be good for those looking to start out with an alternative Astra Militarum force. A lot of the miniatures can be used as one-to-one comparisons with what exists from the official Games Workshop range.

Take To The Skies

As well as the core of your army, you can also pick up three rather impressive flying vehicles for you to help get your troops where they need to be.

Helheim Aircraft Carrier - Kromlech

Helheim Aircraft Carrier // Kromlech

Maybe you could be tempted by the Helheim Aircraft Carrier or the Asgard Aircraft Carrier? Each comes with its own unique set of weapons for making sure that your troops can be landed in the right place. They are certainly going to be centrepiece miniatures in your collection and if they don't get used in games, they could always be terrain.

Asgard Aircraft Carrier - Kromlech

Asgard Aircraft Carrier // Kromlech

Last but not least, we also have my favourite from the vehicle range, the Midgard Aircraft Carrier. This looks like it would either work very well as a piece of battlefield kit or very, very badly. I can see this exploding and crashing to the ground.

Midgard Aircraft Carrier - Kromlech

Midgard Aircraft Carrier // Kromlech

All of these miniatures are available right now from Kromlech over on their webstore HERE. You can get a lot of the character miniatures separately as well as as a group if you just want one or two of them and you could just get the squad of infantry if you prefer rather than diving right in with everything.

Are you liking this new set of releases?

"Making up the core of your force is the Solar Guard Cohorts Infantry Squad..."

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