Will We Avoid Another Wild Assent HARD MODE Monster Mauling?! – Let’s Play Part 2 #WildAssentWeekOTT

July 3, 2021 by dignity

We're back with Part 2 of the Lazy Squire Games Wild Assent Let's Play as Justin and Gerry lick their wounds after being beaten up by the creatures of the wilds in their first gameplay video.


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The pair kick back for a new season and try and work out how to play Wild Assent in the best way as to NOT get mauled to death during their next encounter. How would you guide them as they dive into more gameplay?

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We will be picking winners from three of our communities: YouTube, OnTableTop & amongst our Cult Of Games Members.


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  • Wild Assent: Lavon Rising Pledge (OnTableTop)
  • Wild Assent Original Core Game (Cult Of Games)

Wild Assent Week Schedule

Here is what you have to look forward to throughout the week...


  • Monday 5pm BST - Wild Assent Interview
  • Tuesday 5pm BST - Let's Play: Wild Assent - Hunt Part #1
  • Thursday 5pm BST - Wild Assent Painting Tutorial
  • Saturday 5pm BST - Let's Play: Wild Assent - Hunt Part #2
  • Sunday 5pm BST - Lazy Squire Games Interview

Make sure to join us for all the awesomeness this week and let us know your thoughts on Wild Assent!

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