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January 17, 2023 by avernos

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Join us as we dive into a Let's Play of Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum which is coming to Gamefound on 24th January from Knight Games! Play as Batman's rogue's gallery of villains and see if you can escape before Batman gets you!


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Gerry and Shay sit down to play iconic villains like Bane, Harley Quinn and more as they seek to come up with a cunning escape plan that will help them get out of Arkham Asylum.Do you think they'll make it out or will they come a cropper of Batman?

Additional Gameplay Notes...

  • In corridors, you also have to do an Alert Check (Draw Event Cards to see where the Nailed Token Is Placed).
  • Opportunity markers must be added when additional Black die are rolled during the first roll.
  • When doing a Secure Action, the difficulty is the Alert Level you are at, plus the number of Event Cards you draw from the deck.
  • Batman has to appear first as Markers and for each Batman Attack Card, you draw one per character when you attack him or he attacks you. He will only attack once.

Remember to check out the Gamefound Campaign, 24th January 2023!

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