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Knight Games Talk Gameplay In Escape From Arkham Aslyum


We've seen a lot of the miniatures already but the focus now shifts towards the gameplay aspects that you'll delve into with Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum.

More Villains Teased For Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum


Knight Models have been teasing more of the villains that you'll get to play as when Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum comes to Kickstarter soon! 

The Suicide Squad Drop Into Escape From Arkham Asylum


Knight Games has announced that The Suicide Squad are going to make an appearance in their new board game, Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum. 

Escape From Arkham Asylum With Knight’s Upcoming Batman Game


Knight Games (Knight Models) is going to be coming to Kickstarter later this year with their new Batman tabletop game, Escape From Arkham Asylum. 

Knight Models Bring Harry Potter Board Game To Kickstarter


The Knight Games arm of Kight Models is going to be coming to Kickstarter soon with a project to bring Harry Potter: Catch The Snitch to the tabletop.

Green Lantern Powers Into Knight Model’s DC Universe Soon


Knight Models dropped another preview for their DC Multiverse Miniatures Game with a new 35mm model of Green Lantern. 

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