Classic Batman Villains & More Join Knight Models’ Range This Month

October 30, 2023 by brennon

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Knight Models have added to their Batman Miniature Game range with a whole host of new 35mm characters for use in your games. If you're on the villainous side of things you'll get to go back into the past with your Batman adventures and there are also some ace vigilantes on the way to help Batman and co!

The Penguin & Riddler Classic TV Show - Knight Models

The Penguin & Riddler Classic TV Show // Knight Models

Leading the way, we have The Penguin & Riddler as they looked in the classic Adam West Batman TV show that so many folks will be familiar with. We've seen similar releases for this period of Batman and it's great to see the rogue's gallery getting completed. The likenesses are great and I could see a lot of retro Batman fans being happy with these. Throw them into your games and play out a fun scenario from one of the old episodes perhaps.

If you're looking to perhaps stop some crime in Gotham then how about this new set, Unveiling The Truth, which features three awesome characters to use in your games.

Unveiling The Truth - Knight Models

Unveiling The Truth // Knight Models

This set comes with Clownhunter, Spoiler and Huntress who can be used alongside Batman to combat the rise in villainous activity across the city. All of these vigilantes have the same objective, delivering justice, but they do end up coming at it from very different angles.

Maybe these heroes could be needed whilst Batman is off in another time entirely? See what you make of this miniature representing Batman: High Seas.

Batman High Seas - Knight Models

Batman: High Seas // Knight Models

Batman takes to the high seas, still rocking the cape, as Leatherwing perhaps in this take on the Dark Knight. I could see him being another fun painting project for folks. It would be great to see some appropriate miniatures that could be used against him from Knight Models too.

Last but not least, we have a set of little scamps that are going to end up causing all sorts of chaos. See what you make of Scarecrow's Little Nightmares.

Scarecrows Little Nightmares - Knight Models

Scarecrow's Little Nightmares // Knight Models

Flood the tabletop with these and drown your heroes in sneaky minions! It's a shame that there are two duplicate sculpts in the set but they are fun. I like the fellows who are taking the heads off, probably just before they launch them as projectiles. Send them forth and spread nightmarish terror!

Will you be picking up any of these new releases for October?

"Throw them into your games and play out a fun scenario from one of the old episodes perhaps..."

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