Take Over Knight Model’s Arkham With Scarecrows Nightmares

March 20, 2023 by brennon

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Knight Models have released some brand new miniatures for this month. Watch out for spooks and nightmares in the Batman Miniature Game with Scarecrow returning to the tabletop alongside a crew of dastardly villains.

Scarecrow The Worst Nightmare - Knight Models

Scarecrow: The Worst Nightmare // Knight Models

Scarecrow rides forth atop his terrible skeletal steed and takes to the streets of Gotham. I could imagine him bursting forth from the gates of Arkham, a billowing cloud of psychotic drugs escaping into the cold night air. In reality, this is Scarecrow dashing around on the back of a normal horse (well, you'd hope!) but the fear that he spreads as he rides around turns this scene into a terrible nightmare!

If you're looking for some eager allies to fight alongside Scarecrow then you can also pick up his Trick Or Treat Crew. Included in this set, you'll find Hugo Strange who is someone who tinkers with their own experiments on the daily!

Hugo Strange - Knight Models

Hugo Strange // Knight Models

The rest of the set comes with Dr Linda Friitawa and a couple of Arkham Asylum Assistants that are all eager to "help" correct some of the maladies that you're facing.

Trick Or Treat Bat Box - Knight Models

Trick Or Treat Bat Box // Knight Models

The real stars of the set though are the Nightmares. Rather than a band of regular criminals, Scarecrow has been able to conjure up some absolutely terrifying individuals that are enhanced by the fear running through their foe's minds. They might have been regular inmates once but now you see them as terrible spectres!

Maybe they are entirely figments of your imagination but with the cocktail of drugs running through your system, they are just as deadly as anything in reality. This comes together to create a fun set of miniatures for use in your games of Batman. I'm sure you could tell all sorts of fun stories.

There is also a new Scarecrow Card Pack that you can buy which comes with updated information for Scarecrow and his allies.

Will you be picking these miniatures up?

"Scarecrow rides forth atop his terrible skeletal steed and takes to the streets of Gotham..."

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