Carve Out Your Legend In Tiles Of The Arabian Nights

September 23, 2021 by fcostin

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I am still getting my head around Gamefound. More and more board games are popping up on this new crowdfunding platform, with big title brands placing their new and upcoming board games front-and-centre. Tiles Of The Arabian Nights by Holy Grail Games is heading on to Gamefound today, as players compete against one another in hopes to become the best storyteller in Bagdad.


Box Art // Tiles of Arabian Nights

The new storytelling adventure is ready for some community support as the main mechanic brings board gamers into the rich culture of Bagdad, following a narrative set in the universe of Arabian Nights.

Players will head off into the city of Bagdad,  inspired by the 1001 tales written of the stories that unfold across the warm streets. In honour of the Queen, to hold a candle to the incredible stories that were once birthed in the area - a storytelling competition has arisen, and there is space for a new writer to paint the streets of Bagdad in word form.

Story Tiles // Tiles of the Arabian Nights

With hopes to achieve the prestigious Master Storyteller award, players must search through the desert to find inspiration for their next written adventure. Meeting a plethora of interesting characters - both good and evil - set the theme of the tale. Whilst wandering the fearsome and inspiring desert, players will pick up tiles to find truth in their environment, seeking treasures and finding a story worth being written. Once a player has hoarded enough tiles to complete their story, they must then retell their events worthy enough to be held next to the prestigious Arabian Nights!

Players are in control of their story, such as time of events and must use the artwork provided on the tiles to create a visual representation which will go down as legend amongst the other inspiring stories within the universe.


Game Board // Tiles of the Arabian Nights

When it boils down to storytime, the Sultan will dish out some points to determine the impressiveness of the writing. And whoever the Sultan dishes out the most points to will be determined the winner of the game.

I really do enjoy story-telling aspects as part of a board game. For somebody who loves creative writing, reading and storytelling - incorporating that particular aspect to a board game will make a whole new experience. The game is pitched for 2-5 players and can take up to 60 minutes to play through.


Tiles of the Arabian Nights // Holy Grail Games

Whether you are a budding writer yourself and want to play a game encourage your own creative writing, or encourage children ages 10+ to explore their creativity and writing output - Tiles of the Arabian Nights will inspire its players to think outside the box and create their own ending of a story, with aid in writing.

The board game is on Gamefound tonight and will offer relevant stretch goals and add-ons to bolster your game further. Including a free expansion with the purchase of the deluxe edition. I will be certainly checking out this board game for more information on gameplay, as this is a creative outlet I am certainly interested in.

What is your favourite story-telling board game?

"Tiles of the Arabian Nights will inspire its players to think outside the box and create their own ending of a story, with aid in writing..."

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