Lazy Squire Unlock More Goodies For Veil-Touched On Gamefound!

January 31, 2022 by brennon

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Lazy Squire Games and MiniWarGaming have unlocked a fair few more options as part of the Stretch Goals over on Gamefound. New units, monsters and alternative poses have been added into the mix for those wanting to snap up this Sci-Fi army.

Veil-Scarred Gorak - MiniWarGaming

Veil-Scarred Gorak - MiniWarGaming & Lazy Squire Games

Veil-Touched On Gamefound // MiniWarGaming

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One of the first miniatures to get unlocked was the Veil-Scarred Gorak. This is a towering new addition to the Abominations Elite Pack that offers up another impressive demon. This fellow is a little more "DOOM" than some of the other releases I think, potentially because of the design of the face.

Another of the towering new options for your army of the damned is the Asalian Dreadhorror.Asalian Dreadhorror - MiniWarGaming

Asalian Dreadhorror // MiniWarGaming & Lazy Squire Games

Shirking ranged weapons, the Dreadhorror is very much focused on getting stuck in when it comes to combat. I love the way it looks like the weapons have been formed and warped from the creatures very flesh. A tip of the hat also has to go to the very impressive scenic bases that come with these miniatures. You don't have to worry about basing material with these!

New Veil-Touched Units

A few new units have also popped up as well. For example, maybe you want to sneak into the fighting with the up close and personal Phoenix Squad?

Phoenix Squad - MiniWarGaming

Phoenix Squad // MiniWarGaming & Lazy Squire Games

Armed with a range of melee weapons and short-range guns, they are going to be revelling in the slaughter up close and personal. I do worry about having to paint all of the artistry around the edges of the armour on these miniatures but maybe I could just ignore all that? I suppose you could splash them with Contrast and then take more time on the edges of the armour?

There is also this set of decidedly more ranged options in the form of The Awakened.

The Awakened - MiniWarGaming

The Awakened // MiniWarGaming & Lazy Squire Games

A range of deadly-looking weapons that are going to melt things. I love that you have all of these big warriors and then the dude who decided to spend some serious time at the workbench upgrading his weapon.

New Veil-Touched Poses!

One of the comments that popped up a lot as part of this project was the issue of single-pose and duplicate pose sculpts. Well, the folks at MiniWarGaming and Lazy Squire Games have read them and started to provide additional pose options in the various sets.

New Cleaver Poses - MiniWarGaming

New Cleaver Poses // MiniWarGaming & Lazy Squire Games

New Enforcer & Purifier Pose - MiniWarGaming

New Enforcer & Purifier Pose // MiniWarGaming & Lazy Squire Games

New Valkyr Pose - MiniWarGaming

New Valkyr Pose // MiniWarGaming & Lazy Squire Games

This is very handy for those that love the idea of their warriors being individuals. You were never really going to notice the duplicate poses in the heat of the action, especially in a large army, but it's nice to have these options. It means that when your army is up on the shelf between games, you're going to have all manner of beautiful models to have a look at.

Extra Stretch Goals // MiniWarGaming & Lazy Squire Games

It should be noted that there is more! Loads of Stretch Goals have been unlocked including new tank bits, a new character and upgrade components. Also, whilst the campaign is moving closer to its end, there is still time for more to be unlocked.

Are you going to be diving in and checking out this campaign?

"Loads of Stretch Goals have been unlocked including new tank bits, a new character and upgrade components..."

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