Ravaged Star: Armies Of The Veil-Touched Gamefound Project Launches Today!

January 25, 2022 by brennon

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MiniWarGaming and Lazy Squire Games are launching their new Gamefound project today! Ravaged Star: Armies Of The Veil-Touched is a brand new army from the mind of Dave at MiniWarGaming that will be finding its way onto Sci-Fi tabletops!

Veil-Touched On Gamefound - MiniWarGaming

Veil-Touched On Gamefound // MiniWarGaming

This is a brand new line of miniatures that have been designed for you to use in place of other popular grimdark Sci-Fi miniatures and beyond that. The regular humans and cultists within this force come in around the 32mm scale (and obviously very heroic!) with some of the power armoured individuals reaching up to 40mm and above.

Ravaged Star Scale Comparison - MiniWarGaming

Ravaged Star Scale Comparison // MiniWarGaming

The miniatures are going to be available in durable and detailed PVC plastic and will require no assembly. You will crack them out of the box and get painting.

Lazy Squire Games Miniature Preview // MiniWarGaming

If you're intrigued as to what these miniatures could be like, you just need to look back at the miniatures from Stormsunder and Wild Assent. The folks a Lazy Squire Games have been doing some great work over the last while.

Veil-Touched War Packs

The Gamefound is set up to deliver a selection of different boxed sets. Each of these are called War Packs and come with themed sets of miniatures for building your corrupted and twisted warriors of the far future.

Veil-Touched War Pack - MiniWarGaming

Veil-Touched War Pack // MiniWarGaming

For example, the War Pack above gives you all of the core troops that you might want to use to form the core of your army. Things then get different with the addition of more elite troops, monsters and even some vehicles as well!

Dominiran War Pack - MiniWarGaming

Dominiran War Pack // MiniWarGaming

One of the nice things about this collection is that it has been designed to offer a force that comes with male and female miniatures and all manner of unique and interesting characters. Whilst you can, of course, lead the way with Davicus, there are also plenty of daemonic war leaders and cultists too.

Armoured Carnage War Pack - MiniWarGaming

Armoured Carnage War Pack // MiniWarGaming

When it comes to pledging for the different War Packs, you can buy whichever one works for you. Each of them also comes with an Elite Pack which adds on something new and different to spice things up.

Horrors Of The Veil War Pack - MiniWarGaming

Horrors Of The Veil War Pack // MiniWarGaming

You can also just go all in if you like and get everything. If you want to have a very different-looking set of warriors from beyond the veil then you'll want to snap these up.

If you're interested to see more on these War Packs when you'll want to take a peek at this overview of what's available.

The War Packs Explained // MiniWarGaming

The campaign is ready and raring to go. If you've not considered it before, make sure to check out the Gamefound page for more details.

Veil-Touched On Gamefound // MiniWarGaming

It should be noted that there is plenty of fluff and lore in the mix for this army as well! So, if you want to learn more about the story then you just need to dive in and absorb it!

Could you be tempted?

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