Martin Wallace Brings New Wargame Bloodstones To Gamefound

July 29, 2022 by brennon

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Famed board game designer Martin Wallace is now on Gamefound with a new wargame for you to dive into! Bloodstones is a new board game where up to four players will fight for control of the Fantasy world of Fal.

Bloodstones - Martin Wallace

Bloodstones // Martin Wallace

Bloodstones features Dragon Riders, Horse Lords, the Hill Folk and the Necromancers who are all seeking to command the different regions of Fal. The aim of the game is to have the most victory points at the end of the game generated from building villages, raiding other players' villages and winning the many battles you'll play out on the tabletop.

Bloodstones Gameplay - Martin Wallace

Bloodstones Gameplay // Martin Wallace

A game of Bloodstones utilises tiles to represent your different units, villages, citadels and more on the tabletop. Each player will arrange their tiles into stacks and then draw a starting hand of nine. You will place your Citadel and then begin your conquest of the realms.

What's neat about Bloodstones is that the tiles are used for everything. The tiles represent your units as mentioned but they are also used as currency to build other units, move them, improve your combat strength in battle and build/raid villages.

On a game turn, you can build, move and battle as much as you like but you will need to be canny to not spread yourself too thin across the realm lest someone else comes and capitalises on your overreaching.

What's neat about the game is that each of the factions comes with special rules. The Necromancers can summon armies of zombies, the Dragon Riders can fly around on (you guessed it) dragons and the Horse Lords can have a hand of seven tiles AND two leaders on the tabletop. The Hill Folk can make better use of the harsh terrain on the board and use the power of their towering Giants!

Bloodstones On Gamefound

Bloodstones is currently available to back over on Gamefound and Stretch Goals are in the mix as well as the offering for the core game.

Bloodstones Base Game - Martin Wallace

Bloodstones Base Game // Martin Wallace

You might be able to help them add the Corsairs and the Chaos Hordes into the mix alongside three new maps if they get the right amount of funding before the end of the campaign.

This seems like an excellent take on the classic board-based wargame with some fun new Martin Wallace mechanics thrown in. I am sorely tempted by this. If you are as well then you can check out the Rulebook right now AND try out the game on Tabletop Simulator.

Are you going to be taking a closer look at Bloodstones?

" can check out the Rulebook right now AND try out the game on Tabletop Simulator."

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