More Details Pop Up For Osprey’s Undaunted 2200: Callisto

May 9, 2024 by brennon

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Some more details popped up concerning Undaunted 2200: Callisto, the new board game arriving in September from Osprey Games. Swap your World War II battles for a Sci-Fi clash.

Undaunted 2200 Callisto - Osprey Games

Undaunted 2200: Callisto // Osprey Games

We got a look at some more of the components for the game as well as the new map boards and the art by Roland MacDonald. The core gameplay from previous Undaunted games has been tweaked and updated to suit the Sci-Fi setting. You'll have to navigate the barren lunar landscapes and take high ground to dominate the battlefield. All the while, you'll be bringing your badass mechs into play to control Callisto and its resources across a series of different scenarios.

Undaunted 2200: Callisto can be played in a variety of different modes. You can play the game with two players, four players or with a solo variant right out of the box.  Undaunted is a solid game system and it's good to see the designer trying out new ideas in a new setting.

Will you be checking out Undaunted 2200: Callisto later this year?

"Undaunted 2200: Callisto can be played in a variety of different modes..."

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