Privateer Press Predict A Riot Quest At Gen Con

August 1, 2019 by dracs

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Privateer Press are at GenCon 2019 where there are showcasing two exciting pre-releases: their new game Riot Quest and the Warmachine: Oblivion Campaign.

Time To Riot!

Riot Quest is Privateer's much anticipated skirmish game set in the post-apocalypse of the Iron Kingdoms.

The once-great Iron Kingdoms are now a pile of smoldering ruins. But there’s treasure everywhere…if you’ve got the gumption to fight for it! You’ll need a crackerjack crew, gobs of gear, and lots of love for the chaos of battle if you’re going to score the best leftover loot in the land. But watch out! It’s every human, dwarf, elf, and goblin for themselves in this outrageous quest for bodacious booty!

Privateer are showcasing the new Starter Box for the game, which includes five miniatures, an arena map, dice, a rulebook, and all the tokens and cards needed to play yhr game.

A tutorial video of the game has already been posted on the Riot Quest website, so you even if you can't make it to GenCon you can get an idea of how the game itself plays out.

This game looks like a lot of madcap fun, providing players with a quicker entry point to the Iron Kingdoms world (albeit an alternate timeline).

Face Oblivion

Speaking of the Iron Kingdoms, a new campaign is coming to Warmachine as Privateer Press prepare to unleash Oblivion.

A pact struck ages ago has finally come due, and now the otherworldly horrors known as the Infernals descend upon Caen to collect their payment. The cost in mortal souls is higher than anyone could possibly imagine, but forces have gathered to stand against these invaders. Holy archons and steadfast soldiers of the Order of Illumination join with armies of all nations to protect humanity from utter oblivion at the hands of ancient evils from without and traitorous individuals from within. The fate of every living being hangs in the balance, and the Iron Kingdoms will be changed forever…if it survives at all.

This new campaign set updates the rules for both Warmachine and Hordes and sets the armies of the Iron Kingdoms in a battle for their very existence against the Infernals.

The Oblivion set provides sixteen branching scenarios to play out the events of the Claiming of Souls, utilising twenty Omen Campaign Cards to help contribute to the outcome of your story.

Both of these new releases are extremely exciting and provide us with a good indication of things to come from Privateer.

If you want to find out more about these, head over to Privateer Press' both #429 at GenCon.

Are you excited to give Riot Quest a go, or will you defend the Iron Kingdoms against Oblivion?

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