Privateer Press Announces Kickstarter For Art Book

December 21, 2018 by stvitusdancern

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Privateer Press has announced that they will be going to Kickstarter in January of 2019 to help create a book, Art of Privateer Press. 

It appears to be a project long in the making and as they say a book such as this is a labor of love and you do not expect to make much of a profit from it and hope to recoup your production costs.

According to Privateer Press their idea behind the book is this:

The Art of Privateer Press will be a 9˝ x 11 7/8˝ hardback book (dimensions of final may vary), printed in portrait orientation on 80# paper with a spot-varnish finish on the cover. A foreword penned by Privateer’s founding owner and Chief Creative Officer Matt Wilson will detail Privateer’s history and its approach to visual creation.

Between the foreword and the final dedication will be wall-to-wall illustrations featuring the best images from all of Privateer’s worlds and games, including the Iron Kingdoms, WARMACHINE, HORDES, Monsterpocalypse, LEVEL 7, Skull Island eXpeditions fiction, and more. The Art of Privateer Press will include hundreds of images from acclaimed artists such as Andrea Uderzo, Susan Luo, Svetlin Velinov, Johan Grenier, Néstor Ossandón, and many, many other talented individuals who have contributed to Privateer’s artwork over the years. The book will be a minimum of 148 pages in length, but how big it can get will only be up to our backers…and the limits of physical reality.

We here at the US Studio are big fans of art books, anytime that Dawn get get her hands on one she does.

Would this be something you would like to have in your collection? 

"...a book such as this is a labor of love..."

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