Shamans & Greylords Take Control In Warmachine & Hordes

February 18, 2019 by brennon

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Privateer Press has shown off two solos for both Warmachine & Hordes. The first of these is Greylord Adjunct, ready to push the forces of Khador onto feats of bravery.

Greylord Adjunct - Privateer Press

"The Greylords Covenant has long served the Khadoran Army by assisting in the detection and education of warcasters, knowing the best methods to unleash their arcane powers. Adjuncts are specially trained arcanists assigned to directly lend support to warcasters on the battlefield. In addition to their elemental mastery of cold, an adjunct can help sustain a warcaster’s powers, extend their reach, and unravel incoming mystical assaults."

It's pretty neat to see more of these underlings getting thrown into the mix. Mixing together a bit of battlefield command with some arcane powers and you've got an interesting solo to throw into the mix.

I'm not really being won over by the miniature, however. He seems very compact and whilst you can tell he's most likely casting a spell it would have been neat to see more of that; potentially a bit more motion and a sinister icy side to his personality.

Wild Warrior

On the Hordes side of things, we have another solo drawing on the arcane to fuel their beasts. See what you make of the Tharn Blood Shaman.

Tharn Blood Shaman - Privateer Press

"Blood magic is the oldest of arcane practices in western Immoren, one the Tharn have mastered. While bloodweavers leap into the fray to wet their sacrificial blades, blood shamans are more reserved and focused, steeped in deeper sacrificial rites. They have long served the masters of the Circle Orboros, facilitating their magics through bloodletting, a talent also brought to the greatest warlocks among the Tharn. Linked by blood-sworn pacts, such shamans can borrow spells from those they serve."

Now, I like this miniature for the Tharn because you can sense that threatening animalistic edge to her personality. I love the bared teeth and the stance which is leaning forward, ready to get stuck into the fighting.

I think that working on a Tharn force would be rather fun, theming it towards their magic and more. Themed forces as a whole get my vote, tying immediate narrative aspects to the army your collecting.

Do you still play a lot of Warmachine & Hordes?

"Do you still play a lot of Warmachine & Hordes?"

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