BIG Warmachine News: A New Edition Is Coming – MKIV!

July 28, 2022 by brennon

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Privateer Press has dropped a BIG bit of news recently. Warmachine is getting a brand new edition, MKIV, and that means a big new approach to the game, the miniatures and more. There is a lot to dive into here so stay with me!

Warmachine MKIV - Privateer Press

Warmachine MKIV // Privateer Press

Warmachine MKIV Announcement Article // Privateer Press

The link above will dive down into the nitty gritty of their decision-making when it came to MKIV but I'm going to do my best to cover as much of what they announced as possible. There is quite a lot. At the core of this was the knowledge that the game needed a fresh new approach and its miniature line was somewhat unwieldy when it came to diving into the game.

Unlimited & Prime Play + Brand New Beta Rules

To that end, one of the big changes coming to MKIV is the inclusion of two versions of play. Unlimited will allow you to use all existing and new miniatures from Warmachine in whatever games you see fit. The second game mode will be Prime and will feature a limited model pool from the preexisting collection of miniatures and includes ALL of the new MKIV releases.

MKIV Beta Rules - Warmachine

MKIV Beta Rules // Warmachine

This means that there should be a much easier entry point for those diving in to give Warmachine a go. New mechanics will be focused on the new miniatures which means that there is a great incentive to dive in and focus on the new miniatures coming up for MKIV.

The new Beta Rules are also available RIGHT NOW for you to download and read through. There are still plenty of things to tweak but this should give you a taste of the way they want to take things. Beta Cards are also available to download so you can join in the testing of the new system to see if it's for you.

Privateer Press also broke down some of the main differences between the last edition and what we're seeing with MKIV. Here is how they broke it down in their announcement...

  • MKIV will support 50-, 75-, and 100-point battles
  • MKIV introduces Command Cards, which provide one-off effects (like mini-feats) and can be purchased as part of your force construction
  • MKIV warcasters have customizable spell racks
  • MKIV warjacks are customizable with multiple weapon and head (cortex) options

I am all for the new customisation options when it comes to the Warjacks and the way they are tweaking the options for Warcasters.

So What's Happening With Hordes?

Well, another of the big announcements is that Hordes will no longer be a separate entity. Instead, the Hordes rules are going to be rolled into the middle of Warmachine. The first four armies for MKIV will be Warcaster-led using familiar mechanics but then new Warlock armies will come in 2023.


Trollbloods Art // Hordes

I was always someone who played Warmachine over Hordes just because it seemed like the easier entry point but over time I got to like Hordes a lot more. It's neat to see that it is getting folded in and becoming one coherent system.

A Change In Miniature Design And Production - 3D Printing!

Another of the big changes from Privateer Press involves the way they are going to be handling miniature design and production. Metal is becoming no longer viable for them and plastic is also awkward and so models for MKIV are going to be produced using 3D printing technology.

MKIV Warjacks - Privateer Press

MKIV Warjacks // Privateer Press

This means that they are going to be able to produce things quickly and more importantly in-house. It also means that they are going to be able to make it a lot easier for markets not in the US. Once a base can be established in Europe or Asia for example, they could fire up the 3D Printing process and eliminate the need for additional costs in shipping and import fees.

This moves in line with their want to produce the likes of the customisable Warjacks. Now they can be engineered and printed like the kits you see above so you can bosh them together with very little hassle.

This is a fascinating move from Privateer Press and one that I think is going to be interesting to follow. 3D Printing has certainly come on leaps and bounds in the last few years and if it can be scaled up well, it should produce great miniatures.

New Miniatures = New Starter Sets For Warmachine

With a new approach to miniatures comes a new way to introduce miniatures to stockists and therefore gamers. A limited number of SKUs will find their way to stores making it easier to dive into the game.

Orgoth Miniatures - Warmachine

Orgoth Miniatures // Warmachine

For example, the new Core Army Starters have been designed so there will be enough miniatures to field a fifty-point army with some bonus options. The Expansion Box for the faction will then come with additional options to take your force up to seventy-five points.

The easy step then comes when you throw another Warjack into the mix and start playing at around the 100-point mark. It seems like a simple and effective way of approaching things that should make it fun for newcomers to get into the game without wondering what to buy next.

Warmachine Armies - Privateer Press

Warmachine MKIV Armies // Privateer Press

Here is a breakdown of the kind of content you'd get within a Core Army Starter...

  • Kishtaar, the Howling Silence warcaster
  • Jackal Warjacks (4 heads and 8 weapon options)
  • Tyrant Warjack (4 heads and 8 weapon options)
  • Assault Reavers unit + Standard Bearer (6 models)
  • Strike Reavers unit + Standard Bearer (6 models)
  • Ulkor Barrager (3 models)
  • Warwitch Coven unit (3 models)
  • Orgoth Commander solo

...and one of the Expansion Boxes

  • Captain Madison Calder Warcaster
  • Stormthrower Legionnaires unit + Standard Bearer (6 models)
  • Storm Lance Legionnaires unit (3 models)
  • Tempest Assailers unit (3 models)
  • Sharpshooter solo
  • Lieutenant Sara Brisbane character solo

Sounds pretty good to me. It feels a little bit like the way Infinity has approached diving into CodeOne. You start with a core set of miniatures and then expand it with boosters that throw a few new miniatures into the mix and level up the points you're playing with alongside a new tactical approach to gameplay.

The Roadmap For The Future

Privateer Press handily also provided us with a road map for what's coming next...

MKIV Roadmap - Warmachine

MKIV Roadmap // Warmachine

So we've started with the aforementioned look at the MKIV Beta Rules and such that will get you started when thinking about the new edition. Next week also means more reveals from Gen Con which is pretty awesome and then we just have to wait until the Autumn.


Orgoth Vs Cygnar // Warmachine

The new Starter Sets will drop in October and the ball starts rolling on MKIV. I think it's sensible to keep the focus on Warmachine to begin with and then come back to Warlocks and Warbeasts next year once they have set the foundations of a new edition with those clanking Warjacks.

Please make sure to go and check out the Full Privateer Press Announcement as they dive into a LOT more detail on the points I've raised here. It should give you all the information you need. But for now, what do you think? Are you excited about a new edition of Warmachine?

Drop your thoughts below...

"The new Beta Rules are also available RIGHT NOW for you to download and read through..."

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