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Place Information

Located near the train station stettbach - our boardgame & tcg bar. We are a team of 6 people, working on one of the first themed boardgame bar & shop in switzerland, our location is themed as a spacecraft which crashed on aldria (our planet).
What can you expect:
- Daily events for every type of game
- Trading cards: A huge selection of trading cards, Pokémon displays, Star Wars boosters, Lorcana starter sets, Magic: The Gathering gift boxes, and much more!
- Board games, tabletop, D&D, and everything else that revolves around games.
- 3D printing: Want your personal deck box? Want the coolest dragon as a decoration? The cardboard chips of your board game are wearing out? We will print the coolest accessories directly for you! We will consult with you, and you can tell us exactly what you need.
A store that is more: Here you can not only buy games but also experience them!