Carve Out Your Place In Port Royal In A Pirate Skirmish Campaign | Firelock Games Interview

June 18, 2024 by avernos

Gerry sits down with Mike Tunez from Firelock Games to talk about Port Royal their campaign-based miniature skirmish game currently on Kickstarter. If you fancy being a seventeenth century sea rover then Port Royal should be your first stop.


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Gerry sits down with Mike as the Firelock Games' Kickstarter for Port Royal hits the halfway point, to talk about the game, its rules and plans going forward. The skirmish game starts with the historical destruction of Port Royal and from there diverges into a small skirmish game in the traditions of Mordheim as all the factions clash for control of the port and a share of the spoils. Whether that is gold for the coffers or food for your crew!

Touching on the rules, alongside the campaign system and the AI for solo and co-operative gaming Mike also chats about the ongoing Summer of Plunder campaign, a community lead summer campaign for 17th Century piracy as all the nations clash in an amazing combined campaign covering Blood &Plunder and Oak & Iron, and who knows maybe next year Port Royal will play a part as well!

Will you be staking a claim in the ruins of Port Royal? 

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