Studio Tomahawk’s New WW2 Game V For Victory Coming Soon

April 30, 2024 by brennon

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Studio Tomahawk are going to be releasing their new set of Historical wargaming rules this June. V For Victory (Five For Victory) will have you diving into 28mm World War II skirmishes on the tabletop pretty soon!

V For Victory - Studio Tomahawk

V For Victory // Studio Tomahawk

As well as this neat teaser for the front cover, we also got more information on how the game plays on the tabletop. Two to four players can dive into V For Victory where you'll take command of your platoon and lead your soldiers into all manner of interesting scenarios for two players and teams with two players per side.

The idea is that V For Victory works for small-scale action on the tabletop with around thirty figures per side. Your infantry will be backed up by support weapons and some vehicles but the idea is to keep the fighting intense and close quarters on a 120cm by 120cm table.

V For Victory Demo - Studio Tomahawk

V For Victory - Demo // Studio Tomahawk

Included in the rulebook will be all of the rules for playing your games with your infantry plus rules for light and armoured vehicles. The Orders of Battle will cover 1944-45 and the major powers battling it out in Europe. That means Germany, Great Britain (and the Commonwealth), the Soviet Union and the United States Of America. There will also be rules for Resistance Fighters and Partisans so it covers quite a lot! There will also be ten scenarios in the rulebook and that aforementioned team scenario mentioned above.

I am really intrigued by what Studio Tomahawk has been tinkering with here. I am all for smaller-scale World War II battles on the tabletop and thirty figures per side seems very achievable. You could do that with just one or two of the plastic sets from the likes of Warlord Games or Wargames Atlantic.

Are you going to be keeping an eye out for more information on V For Victory?

Drop your thoughts below...

"The Orders of Battle will cover 1944-45 and the major powers battling it out in Europe..."

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