D-Day Anniversary VLOG! Painting 15mm WW2 British Armour | Part 2

May 23, 2024 by johnlyons

John and Gerry dive into the second part of their Villers-Bocage Flames Of War VLOG which is celebrating the 80th Anniversary Of D-Day. In this video, they discuss painting the 15mm British tanks from Battlefront Miniatures that will be used in the skirmish.


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We dive into the quick and easy process of bringing these miniatures to life with a simple paint scheme. This will be very handy for those wanting to build World War II armies for Flames Of War.

They also take some time to discuss Michael Wittmann and his involvement in Villers-Bocage and the tactics on both the British and German side. We also look ahead to what's coming in the next part!

What do you think of this British paint scheme?

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