D-Day Forces Of Normandy Returns For Flames Of War

May 10, 2024 by brennon

Battlefront Miniatures are going to be releasing a revamped D-Day book to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the invasion of Europe and the fight back against Axis occupation. If you're into Flames Of War, then you'll be able to get a book collating all of the information you need for 15mm wargaming during the period.

D-Day Forces In Normandy 1944 - Flames Of War

D-Day: Forces In Normandy 1944 // Flames Of War

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The new book for 2024 will contain all of the army lists for the German, British and American forces that were battling in Normandy plus rules for Armoured, Mechanised, Infantry and Airborne forces. This means you'll be able to run forces based on the likes of the Commandos and the Rangers as you storm the beaches and head deeper into Normandy.

D-Day Germans - Flames Of War

D-Day Germans // Flames Of War

As well as the actual lists, there is also a detailed history within that helps you work out what force you might want to make next. Learn about each of the nations battling it out and see if there's a particular group and their exploits that you'd like to see recreated on the tabletop.

D-Day British - Flames Of War

D-Day British // Flames Of War

There are also full missions and scenarios allowing you to recreate the airborne landings before D-Day and the brutal beach landings themselves. You'll also find rules for fighting in the Bocage and the strange situations that come from that! You'll also find all of your regular colourful photography to inspire you plus painting and basing guides for good measure.

D-Day Americans - Flames Of War

D-Day Americans // Flames Of War

The idea is that brings all of the previous D-Day books into one place so rather than having to deal with multiple books, you can just pick up this and use it to play out your D-Day battles on the tabletop. Additionally, each D-Day book will come with a unique code that unlocks the contents of the book in Forces Of War so you can build your armies and get ready for battle digitally.

Capping things off, Battlefront are also providing you with a chance to snap up the Reinforcement Unit Card Pack which comes with new unit cards to help you on your way.

D-Day Reinforcement Unit Cards - Flames Of War

D-Day Reinforcement Unit Cards // Flames Of War

This set will be available whilst stocks last and contains three American Unit Cards, seven British ones and twenty-two German ones. So, a decent way for you to perhaps get all that you need for playing out Flames Of War games set during D-Day without having to dive back into books.

Both the book and the card pack are available to pre-order right now with new army bundles coming to support them.

Will you be playing out a D-Day battle during the anniversary?

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