Snap Up The New US Rangers Plastic Set For Warlord’s Bolt Action

May 6, 2024 by brennon

Warlord Games are taking pre-orders right now for a new 28mm plastic set for your games of Bolt Action. You can snap up the US Rangers for your World War II wargames where you're prepping to dive into the Allied pushback against the Axis.

US Rangers Box - Bolt Action

US Rangers Box // Bolt Action

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As Warlord has noted on their webstore. The Rangers were vital in the Allied invasion of French North Africa called Operation Torch. They also then took place in the landings in Sicily in 1943 and in the invasion of mainland Italy. You would have also found them on the beaches of Normandy during Operation Overlord where they scaled Pointe du Hoc to take out German gun emplacements. More of them were also on Omaha Beach battling out of the surf in order to push back the Germans and secure those landing grounds.

US Rangers Miniatures - Bolt Action

US Rangers Miniatures // Bolt Action

With that in mind, you can see why the Rangers are such an iconic force for use in World War II and why it's great to have a nice new plastic set. You can "lead the way" with this big boxed set, perhaps in the new edition of Bolt Action.

The set comes with enough plastic bits to make thirty US Rangers with a host of different weapon options and with enough to make command miniatures too. To give you an idea of the components on the sprue, they have "M1 Garand rifle, M1 carbine, Thompson SMG, M1 Bazooka, BAR, Bangalore torpedoes, Satchel charges, hand grenades, Browning pistol, Springfield M1903A4 sniper rifle, pick/mattocks, axes & wire cutters".

There are also some additional heads based on Saving Private Ryan which is a fun touch. It's good to have these ways to bring in people who have experienced the "Hollywood" take on World War II.

USMC Miniatures For The Pacific

If you'd like to enhance your armies for battling in the Pacific, you can also get your hands on two sets for the USMC. Leading the way is the War Dog Team.

USMR War Dog Teams - Bolt Action

USMC War Dog Teams// Bolt Action

This set of two metal handlers and their metal dogs are good for introducing the dog platoons of 1943. Most of the dogs used were German Shepherds but there were also Doberman Pinschers. They were both scout dogs and messenger dogs that could help their handlers keep an eye out for ambushes, hidden snipers and more. They were incredibly good at that job and even as messengers they would rush through hails of bullets to find their target. Many were wounded in the course of duty and were as embattled as their human companions!

You can also get your hands on a USMC Forward Observer Team.

USMC Forward Observer Team - Bolt Action

USMC Forward Observer Team // Bolt Action

This set comes in metal as well as features three figures. You have a team watching from behind enemy lines getting ready to call in airstrikes and artillery shells on enemy positions. One of them is checking their map whilst another is on the blower. The third character is watching out for enemies with his Thompson.

Are you going to be picking up some of these new Bolt Action miniatures?

"The Rangers were vital in the Allied invasion..."

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