Grab Updated Weapon Teams & Gurkhas For Warlord’s Bolt Action

May 20, 2024 by brennon

Warlord Games has a few updated Weapon Teams and more for use in their World War II 28mm wargame, Bolt Action. A couple of new sets are on the way alongside a Gurkha Section for battling in the Far East.

1944 1945 British Army Weapon Teams - Bolt Action

1944-1945 British Army Weapon Teams // Bolt Action

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The first set of Warlord Resin miniatures for this set of releases are handy for working in conjunction with your infantry. You get a Flamethrower team for clearing enemies from their spot in cover as well as a PIAT team for having a pop at some armour. You never know, it might work. They are then backed up by a Sniper team where both miniatures are presented in Ghillie Suits.

Slot these new British Army Weapon Teams teams into your force and help shore up your defences when it comes to the threats that might come your way.

You can also get your hands on Warlord Resin Weapon Teams for the Chindits.

Chindits Weapons Teams - Bolt Action

Chindits Weapons Teams // Bolt Action

Your Chindits battling in Burma could counteract the appearance of Japanese armour with the addition of a PIAT or you could set your foes alight with their very own Flamethrower team as well. This team are capped off with a Light Mortar team who can provide some covering fire as your forces advance.

Last but not least, we have a new unit in the form of this Gurkha Section dressed for battle in the Far East.

Gurkha Section Far East - Bolt Action

Gurkha Section (Far East) // Bolt Action

This is another of the Warlord Resin sets designed to represent the Gurkhas who served alongside the Allies during World War II. These soldiers fought in Syria, North Africa, Italy, Greece and Burma and this set has been designed to represent those fighting in the Far East.

The set comes with an NCO plus a soldier with Bren Gun Light Machine Gun and then eight regular soldiers with Rifles. All of them have the traditional Khukuri or Kukri which makes them something of a challenge to best in close quarters.

Are you going to be picking up these new Warlord Resin sets for Bolt Action?

"Last but not least, we have a new unit in the form of this Gurkha Section dressed for battle in the Far East..."

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