Unleash Conquest’s Lineage Prideborne On Battlefields Soon

May 24, 2024 by brennon

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Para Bellum Games are now taking pre-orders for some fascinating new miniatures for those building Spires armies. More wild creations have been unleashed from their vaults to do battle in their 35mm Fantasy wargame, Conquest.

Lineage Prideborne - Conquest

Lineage Prideborne // Conquest

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Leading the way is the Lineage Prideborne who is one of the ancients of their kind. Having sated their need for mindless slaughter, they have now turned their attention to the joys of a well-executed hunt according to Para Bellum. They are the ones who guide the rest of their kin but are equally as ferocious when they end up in combat. Carrying a massive bow and wielding a brutal sword, they are fast and agile, able to engage at range and in close combat when required.

Lineage Prideborne Details - Conquest

Lineage Prideborne (Details) // Conquest

A stunning miniature that carries over plenty of mythological vibes I think you'll agree. There is something of the chimera about this creation but with a hint of sphinx. I wouldn't want to be facing down one of these on the battlefield.

The Prideborne are going to be leading these brutal killers into battle, the Leonine Avatara.

Leonine Avatara - Conquest

Leonine Avatara // Conquest

These are another creation of the Avatara program within The Spires collective. This is a new style of avatar body for those higher echelons of Spires society and whilst they are immensely powerful killers at range, they might also lose themselves to the thrill of battles sometimes. In-game, they are incredibly accurate and use armour-piercing arrows (more like ballista bolts!) to pin their foes to the ground.

Leonine Avatara Details - Conquest

Leonine Avatara (Details) // Conquest

This is an awesome set of new miniatures for the world of Conquest. Para Bellum do some amazing miniatures and in 35mm, they are perfect for those who want to work more detail into their painting projects. The Spires are most definitely the force that you want to pick up if you like wild, unique miniatures.

Are you going to be picking up these new miniatures for The Spires of Conquest?

"This is an awesome set of new miniatures for the world of Conquest..."

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