The Mighty Rakshasa Join The Sorcerer Kings In Conquest

March 15, 2024 by brennon

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Para Bellum Games are now taking pre-orders for a host of awesome new miniatures that can be used as part of the Sorcerer Kings in 35mm mass battle game, Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings and First Blood (their skirmish game).

Rakshasa Ravanar - Conquest

Rakshasa Ravanar // Conquest

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We start off with the absolutely towering Rakshasa Ravanar which comes as part of a duel kit. Rakshasa will be familiar to those who have delved into the Monster Manual for D&D and it's awesome to see them popping up as part of the Sorcerer Kings in Conquest. The Ravanar is a terrifying killer that only finishes the fighting when it has been able to bring down the deadliest of monsters. If you're facing an army laden with monsters, these are the warriors to call on.

The miniature is absolutely superb and I love the pose and all the detail in the arms and armour. The tiger face is brilliant and you get the sense that it is ready to disrespect whatever foe tries to take it on. The fire on the top also helps fan the flames of fury that the miniature exudes.

Rakshasa Bakasura - Conquest

Rakshasa Bakasura // Conquest

Alternatively, you could instead run the Bakasura. Whilst the Ravanar is intent on killing monsters, the Bakasura is focused on bringing down your enemy characters. Send this monster in to crush heroes and bring them to heel. Again, another impressive miniature and a really interesting take on the demonic/magical creatures that you can use as part of the Sorcerer Kings.

Summon Your Djinn

If you prefer your magical allies to fulfil your ever wish then how about the neat new Djinn that you can pick up for the Sorcerer Kings?

Steelheart Djinn - Conquest

Steelheart Djinn // Conquest

Once again, this set works as a Duel Kit and comes in two flavours. On the one hand, you have the Steelheart Djinn who are focused on getting into combat and causing all kinds of chaos. Once again, the miniatures are wonderful and the wind effect around their base is just stunning. It really helps to frame the miniatures and I like how that "flow" follows through into the rest of the miniatures all the way up to the hair.

You can also call on the Windborne Djinn!

Windborne Djinn - Conquest

Windborne Djinn // Conquest

These magical warriors are good at fighting from range with their incredibly accurate and armour piercing arrows. A nice base sculpt as before but with enough difference in there to make them stand out on the battlefield. A lovely way to represent more of the elements that the Sorcerer Kings can command.

Sorcerers & Starter Armies

As well as those new monstrous additions to your armies, you can also get your hands on a new Sorcerer miniature as well.

Sorcerer - Conquest

Sorcerer // Conquest

As you might have guessed, having a Sorcerer in your Sorcerer Kings army is something of a no-brainer. Able to summon magical power from Air and Fire, they have some great ways to help buff you units and bolster the way that your Elemental Regiments play in-game. If you're looking to run an army of warband entirely made of elemental figures then this might be the way to go.

Two new army sets are also available for you to consider picking up. On the one hand, you have the First Blood Warband.

Sorcerer Kings - First Blood Warband - Conquest

Sorcerer Kings - First Blood Warband // Conquest

This is great for your skirmish games and features the rules you need for playing the game alongside eight Ghols, eight Rajakur, one Efreet Sword Dancer and one Raj. It's a solid set of brand new miniatures and a good way for you to get started in the world of Conquest with the skirmish level game.

If you want to go big, there is also the 5th Anniversary Starter Army!

Sorcerer Kings Supercharged Starter Set - Conquest

Sorcerer Kings Supercharged Starter Set // Conquest

This set comes with everything you need to play alongside some 5th Anniversary bonus items. You also get one Raj, twenty-four Ghols, twenty-four Rajakur and three Efreets. Another sizable force for you to be having some fun with and a wonderful showcase of what Conquest has to offer.

Will you be picking up some of these new Sorcerer King miniatures?

"Whilst the Ravanar is intent on killing monsters, the Bakasura is focused on bringing down your enemy characters..."

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