Check Out Infinity’s May 2024 New Releases & Tohaa Are Back!

May 8, 2024 by brennon

Corvus Belli has some awesome releases coming for the month of May covering a variety of different Infinity factions. See what you think of the current 28mm miniatures coming out at the end of May and a little Tohaa surprise as well!

Warcors War Correspondent - Infinity

Warcors, War Correspondent // Infinity

The War Correspondents (Warcors) are professional journalists who will dive into the deadliest situations to get pictures of the action and report them to the masses. They can be used with any force in The Human Sphere and can actually hold their own with the use of the flash pulse should they need to.

Introduce an Infinity superhero into your games with this hunter of wrongdoers. If you're innocent then you have nothing to fear from this ninja.

Clandestine Action Unit - Infinity

Nightshades, Clandestine Action Unit // Infinity

Nightshades is a lone hero who has walked the path of darkness and is now lighting a flame for those who thought that hope was lost. It's like your very own Infinity Batman-come-Nightwing. This fellow, with a boarding shotgun at the ready, is going to be great for adding to your O-12 force, covering your back and hunting down important targets.

If you prefer your ALEPH forces then you have access to the awesome Atalanta, Agêma's NCO & Spotbot.

Atalanta Agema's NCO & Spotbot - Infinity

Atalanta Agema's NCO & Spotbot // Infinity

Atalanta has been designed to be a deadly sniper with incredible aim. She can take a shot that most people would dream of, especially with the aid of the Spotbot. She comes armed with a MULTI sniper rifle and her Tinbot ally watching over them. Use her to reinforce your Steel Phalanx and get that headshot lined up.

The Nomads of the Bakunin are also stepping into the ring with an awesome new miniature that takes things in a very different direction.

Daemonist Observant - Infinity

Daemonist Observant // Infinity

The Daemonist Observant brings forth something fantastical for this Sci-Fi world. Magic is just science that you don't understand yet. This set comes with the Observant Daemonist and their guardian who is watching over them and tearing apart any of their foes that get too close. An awesome twist that you can throw into the mix for your Bakunin Observance Action Pack. Who wouldn't want to bring one of these to the tabletop?!

Reinforcements & Sectorial Packs

As well as all of those new characters, you can also get a bunch of Reinforcement Packs for Ariadna and ALEPH.

Reinforcements Ariadna Pack Alpha - Infinity

Reinforcements - Ariadna Pack Alpha // Infinity

Reinforcements Ariadna Pack Beta - Infinity

Reinforcements - Ariadna Pack Beta // Infinity

Both of these sets are available to help bulk out your collection and when it comes to Ariadna, you'll be able to slot in a whole host of different characters to help you in specific situations. Get your hands on both Alpha and Beta right now and see what's in each set.

If you prefer ALEPH, make sure to snap up their Steel Phalanx Sectorial Pack.

ALEPH Steel Phalanx Sectorial Pack - Infinity

ALEPH Steel Phalanx Sectorial Pack // Infinity

A solid option for those wanting to get their hands on a good starting point for ALEPH and hit all of the major "must haves". ALEPH are possibly one of the best factions when it comes to their look and feel and I think they could be very attractive for someone looking for a fun painting project.

Tohaa Time!

If you're a Tohaa fan or someone who has always wanted to get the miniatures for this faction that has faded into the background of Infinity, make sure to watch out for the limited-time release of the Tohaa range on 13th May!

Tohaa Limited Release - Infinity

Tohaa Limited Release // Infinity

As Corvus Belli has said, you've heard about them but never been able to get them (recently). They will be available for a limited time and will be produced on demand. Make sure to get your hands on these miniatures whilst they are up if you've always been intrigued by Tohaa!

Tohaa Limited Release Alt - Infinity

Tohaa Limited Release // Infinity

There are some amazing releases in the Tohaa range and I imagine this might be a good chance for you to fill in the blanks in your existing collection too.

Are you going to be snapping up some of these new releases?

"...make sure to watch out for the limited-time release of the Tohaa range on 13th May!"

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