Wargames Atlantic Go Grand With 10mm Samurai & Ashigaru!

June 28, 2024 by brennon

Wargames Atlantic has now revealed their full plans for their new 10mm range, Grand Battle Scale. They are starting off with some awesome 10mm plastic Ashigaru and Samurai but there's a lot more coming down the pipeline it seems as well.

Grand Battle Scale - Wargames Atlantic

Grand Battle Scale // Wargames Atlantic

In their announcement article about Grand Battle Scale, they have explained their choices. 10mm will represent miniatures from foot to eye and the idea is that they will be able to produce a range of miniatures which can be used across a variety of different games with plenty of choice for hobbyists.

That means 328 figures per box which is pretty wild already alongside miniatures presented in threes, fives and as individuals. This means that however you need to build your armies for your Historical wargames, there should be some great options for you.

The 10mm scale has also been chosen because it seems like a good choice for painters. They explain that 15mm ends up with just a little bit too much detail for painters whereas 10mm should come together very quickly when it comes to building armies. As you'll see below, with a very quick paint scheme you could get some big armies ready for the tabletop with ease.

10mm Ashigaru & Samurai

The new kits are split in two. The first of these is for a set of 10mm Ashigaru which will form the rank and file of your Feudal Japanese armies of the Sengoku period.

10mm Ashigaru - Wargames Atlantic

10mm Ashigaru // Wargames Atlantic

The sculpting for this first foray into 10mm comes from Rob Macfarlane and the Ashigaru set features 328 figures representing soldiers with the Yari (spear), Naginata (polearm), Yumi (longbow) and the powerful teppo (musket) which changed the face of Japanese warfare.

10mm Ashigaru Miniatures - Wargames Atlantic

10mm Ashigaru Miniatures // Wargames Atlantic

The miniatures should paint up very quickly and you could very easily build up two armies out of one set of miniatures. All you'd need to do is paint your soldiers in the colours of their clan and then stick some appropriate symbology on your banners. The set also comes with a set of twelve casualty figures which you can use to mark damage to your units.

10mm Ashigaru Sprue - Wargames Atlantic

10mm Ashigaru Sprue // Wargames Atlantic

The details look great across the set and I like that you've got such a nice selection of different poses to choose from. The way that they have been ranked up also gives you plenty of freedom to do solid ranks or skirmishers. These could be painted up very quickly with a good application of Speed/Contrast paints.

As well as the Grand Battle Scale Ashigaru, you will also be able to pick up their plastic Samurai.

10mm Samurai - Wargames Atlantic

10mm Samurai // Wargames Atlantic

This set represents the "knights" of Feudal Japan that you'll be very familiar with. These elite warriors are armed with similar weaponry to the Ashigaru like the Yari and the Naginata as well as the Yumi but also the Katana. This set comes with 192 infantry and thirty-two cavalry so you've got a good mix of hard-hitting infantry and brutal cavalry thundering through enemy ranks. 10mm Samurai Miniatures - Wargames Atlantic

10mm Samurai Miniatures // Wargames Atlantic

Again, these should be very easy to get painted up for the tabletop. You won't get bases within this set from Wargames Atlantic but that's because you can just source them for yourself to match the game that you're playing. You also get more casualty figures which you can use as markers on your bases.

10mm Samurai Sprue - Wargames Atlantic

10mm Samurai Sprue // Wargames Atlantic

Rob Macfarlane has been working on more miniatures for this range so there should be additional kits coming up to help bulk out your Samurai armies. That means that we might be seeing iconic elite elements of your force either in plastic or through Atlantic Digital on MyMiniFactory. Duong Thieu is also going to be working on their own range of Grand Battle Scale miniatures, also in 10mm, and that will also come alongside a set of wargaming rules.

The choice of Samurai as the first range makes perfect sense because the same kits can be used to represent all manner of different clans. We sort of hope that Duong Thieu is going to be working on something like the Warring States in 10mm as that would also be another good way for them to fill some gaps in the market.

Will you be snapping up these Grand Battle Scale miniatures?

"The choice of Samurai as the first range makes perfect sense..."

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