Traders Galaxy’s BotWar III Coming Up For Pre-Order In June!

May 9, 2024 by brennon

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Traders Galaxy are closing in on their update to BotWar. BotWar III is going to be coming up for pre-order at the start of June with a brand-new starter set featuring some excellent miniatures for you to use when getting started in this 10mm Sci-Fi game.

BotWar III - Traders Galaxy

BotWar III // Traders Galaxy

BotWar III will feature the classic clash between the Valiant Forces and the Deceivers once again with some stunning miniatures. Traders Galaxy showed off a whole bunch of the miniatures you'll be able to get your hands on for this 10mm scale game!

Paladon - BotWar

Paladon // BotWar

When it comes to the gameplay tweaks, it should be noted that all of the current stat cards and faction guides will remain compatible with the new rules so you won't find your miniatures becoming invalidated.

Beyond that, Traders Galaxy has worked to make for much closer games due to some changes in how priority works as well as a lot more tactical flexibility in the way combat plays out. They have also said that Supers will end up playing a much larger role in the game going forward.

Ironarm- BotWar

Ironarm // BotWar

Going back to the miniatures, I have to say that I am really liking the look of the Valiant. I was already mostly sold on the faction when I saw Paladin but then I saw Ironarm and I think that tipped me over the edge! It's great to see the range expanding and developing as it is and if you've not played the game before, this is a perfect opportunity to do so.

Dreammachine - BotWar

Dreammachine // BotWar

Going up against the Valiant, we have the Deceivers who are getting some equally excellent-looking miniatures. If you prefer being villainous then this is the faction for you. It's all spikes and glowing red eyes! I knew that the toaster was watching me!

Violence - BotWar

Violence // BotWar

There will be pre-order deals popping up for folks to take advantage of when they dive into BotWar III and as an added bonus, the stat cards for entire factions are going to be included in sets. This means that if you end up collecting the remaining miniatures for your faction of choice then you'll already have the cards. You can also sit down and do some planning in advance of course!

Temper - BotWar

Temper // BotWar

If you're interested in how BotWar plays when you can check out our Let's Plays below where we showed off the current rules.

Let's Play: BotWar

Let's Play: BotWar - Trashers Vs Atlanticans

As you might have guessed, we're quite big fans of BotWar here at OnTableTop and I imagine we might see Gerry and Shay coming to the tabletop once again to do battle with that new set from Traders Galaxy.

Rage - BotWar

Rage // BotWar

Make sure to keep an eye out for more information over on the Traders Galaxy Facebook Page where they will be sharing more previews for BotWar III.

BotWar III Miniatures - Traders Galaxy

BotWar III Miniatures // Traders Galaxy

Do you have a favourite faction from the two that have been shown off from the new box? Could you be tempted to side with the Golden Lions and the Valiant Forces or the deadly Deceivers?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Could you be tempted to side with the Golden Lions and the Valiant Forces or the deadly Deceivers?"

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