Steamforged Games Share Their Vision For Warmachine’s Future

June 7, 2024 by brennon

Steamforged Games, following up on their announcement at the start of the week, have been setting out their vision for the future of Warmachine and the Iron Kingdoms. At the core of it is a message about the love of the game and making sure that Warmachine reaches its full potential within the wargaming space.

Cygnar - Warmachine

New Cygnar Miniatures // Warmachine

At the core of this is their vision for Warmachine itself. Steamforged is happy with the rules for the new edition so that won't seemingly be changing too much. Both the Privateer and Steamforged Games design teams are working together going forward which is good to hear.

In addition to that, Steamforged Games is planning to ensure that miniatures are available without interruption. That includes working on production and making sure that Warmachine finds a place in local gaming stores. They also want to expand the reach of Warmachine and make sure that wargamers know about the Iron Kingdoms and feel like they can make a home within the game as part of the wider hobby.

A New Warmachine Starter Set

One of the ways that will be making a splash is with brand new miniatures and a new two-player Command Starter Set which is planned for release later in the year. The new Command Starter Set will be manufactured in hard plastic and will come with two Warcasters, two Character Warjacks, two Character Solos and two Character Units. You will also get terrain in the box making it a superb entry point to the world of Warmachine.

I think a good starter set is absolutely key to a game being approachable and whilst Privateer Press produce a fine selection of new miniatures for the latest edition, it was quite hard (and expensive) to get started. This should, hopefully, provide folks with a good way to dive into Warmachine.

Khador Vs Cygnar - Warmachine

Khador Vs Cygnar // Warmachine

The rest of the announcement from Steamforged Games lays the groundwork for a very in-depth transition. There is a little bit of information on what they want to do with some of their other acquisitions from the Iron Kingdoms and whilst a few games are sitting on the shelf, there is plenty of opportunity to make it a world worth diving back into.

I played a lot of Warmachine back in the day and it was the game that I played more than Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy Battles for a good portion of time. If Steamforged Games can help recapture the essence of the game and reignite passions for it, I can see it being a challenger once again.

Will you be following the development of Warmachine under Steamforged's stewardship?

"Will you be following the development of Warmachine under Steamforged's stewardship?"

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