Two New Rebels Squad Packs Join Star Wars: Shatterpoint

May 7, 2024 by brennon

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Following on from a week of Star Wars reveals, Atomic Mass Games has announced another two Squad Packs coming to Star Wars: Shatterpoint. The crew from Rebels have been split into two sets but of course, this is a great chance to bring all of these iconic characters together in your collection.

Stronger Than Fear Squad Pack - Star Wars Shatterpoint

Stronger Than Fear - Squad Pack // Star Wars: Shatterpoint

The first of these sets features two Jedi, a master and an apprentice. Leading the way is the awesome Kanan Jarrus who was able to evade the events of Order 66. He is joined by Ezra Bridger who, after humble beginnings, has quite the pivotal role in the unfolding events of both the era of rebellion and the period directly after. They can fight alongside Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios who likes smashing Stormtroopers alongside his companions.

The second of the sets features the rest of the Ghost Crew, looking to stick it to the Empire in their many forms.

Make The Impossible Possible Squad Pack - Star Wars Shatterpoint

Make The Impossible Possible - Squad Pack // Star Wars: Shatterpoint

Hera Syndulla, who a lot of folks will remember from the recent Ashoka Tano series, gets stuck into the fighting alongside the impetuous revolutionary, Sabine Wren. I like that their sculpts match the way that they behave in the cartoons and the live-action TV shows. They are also backed up by another faithful companion in the form of the astromech C1-10P. Commonly known as Chopper, he is going to be good at helping out in a pinch!

Together, these sets create the crew of Rebels which is possibly one of the best Star Wars series out there. If you've not checked it out before, I wouldn't sleep on it. It has quite the baring on the unfolding adventures in Star Wars media right now as well!

Rebels - Star Wars Shatterpoint

Rebels // Star Wars: Shatterpoint

This set is brilliant and it's awesome to see so many of these iconic characters popping up for use in Star Wars: Shatterpoint. By all accounts, Shatterpoint is the game to dive into. It's quick and easy for you to learn and features lots of scope for you to tell your own stories. These two sets are going to be available in July so keep an eye out.

The Bad Batch In Star Wars: Legion

As well as the new releases for Star Wars: Shatterpoint, there was also a teaser for another set coming to Star Wars: Legion. The Bad Batch are already coming to Shatterpoint but they will also be able to battle it out on the tabletop in Legion soon.

The Bad Batch - Star Wars Legion

The Bad Batch // Star Wars: Legion

Pre-orders for this set will be coming in June and will allow you to snap up the entire of the Bad Batch crew.  Hunter leads the crew alongside Wrecker, Crosshair, Tech and Echo. They are also joined by Omega who helps to round out the crew and help in their endeavours as they fight as both mercenaries and shadowy operatives looking to destabilise the Empire. They will be able to join your Rebels as they stick it to the man.

Do you like the look of these new miniatures for your Star Wars wargames?

"The crew from Rebels have been split into two sets..."

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