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Bolt Action Campaign D-Day: Overlord Available For Preorder


Osprey Publishing have opened up their pre-orders for the latest Bolt Action campaign book which takes place during the D-Day landings.

SITREP Podcast: Can You Go Too Far? Some Minis Shouldn’t Be Made Or Do They?


In this episode we talk about a very serious subject about whether some miniatures or games should be made. We also talk about Spectre Miniatures 2nd Edition of their rulebook. We talk about other news items and some other items […]

4Ground Sneak-Peek Off The Port Bow!


4Ground have published a quick preview of a new project their designer Kris is working on. I wonder what it could be...

The Armies Of The Union & Confederacy Take Shape On Kickstarter


A. G. Wilson of AW Miniatures has launched a new Kickstarter to create a range of miniatures for the Union and Confederate troops of the American Civil War.

Teotihuacan: City of Gods Launches First Expansion In 2019


Teotihuacan is bustling with action! The city is ever expanding and growing, drawing inhabitants from nearby areas to make Teotihuacan their new home.

Direct The D-Day Landings In Undaunted: Normandy


Following the history of the US 30th Infantry Division, players will have to use all their strategic might and tactical reasoning as they issue orders, call in reinforcements, and manage casualties in Undaunted: Normandy.

New Flight Plan Expansion Takes Memoir ’44 To The Skies


Days of Wonder have announced a new expansion for Memoir '44. It's time to take to the skies of WWII with New Flight Plan.

Blood Red Skies Unboxing: Messerschmitt Bf 110

3 weeks ago 13

John whips out old Willy Messerschmitt's Bf 110 squadron for Blood Red Skies from Warlord Games.

PSC Games Recreate WWII In 20 Minutes In Blitzkrieg!


PSC Games have gone to Kickstarter with their new board game from Paolo Mori; Blitzkrieg!

Retro Recall: Ludus Latrunculorum

3 weeks ago 6

Ryan breaks free once more to talk more about hyper-retro things with the Ancient Roman board game Ludus Latrunculorum.

Hobby VLOG: Oil War Part Four

3 weeks ago 17

John gives an update to the immense Oil War force he's building up, looking at some airbrushing and the amazing camo patterns going on.

4Ground Join With Things From The Basement To Explore The Lost Archipelago


4Ground have kicked off their collaboration with Things From The Basement with the release of the new Lost Archipelago terrain sets. This set provides you with the terrain you need to create an ancient Meso-American style temple city, complete with […]

Running A Flint & Feather Narrative Campaign – Part Five

3 weeks ago 1

Lee from Crucible Crush talks more about Flint & Feather, delving into the mystical side of the game on the tabletop.

Brigade Drum Up Minis For American War Of Independence


Brigade Games have started a Kickstarter campaign to help fun their new range of 28mm miniatures for the American War of Independence.

Develop Decadent Designs In Chocolate Factory


Compete to run the best chocolate factory in this delicious 2-4 player euro game! In Chocolate Factory, players build their factory, upgrade their chocolates, hire employees, and sell their wares for profit!

Hobby VLOG: Oil War Part Three

3 weeks ago 21

John gets ready the 'stick of doom' to show us the magic of efficient priming for Oil War.

Battlefront UK Open Day 2019 – June 29th!


Battlefront has got planning in the pipeline already for the Battlefront UK Open Day which will be held on June 29th. 

Survive The Norse Winter In Winterborne


In Winterborne, players become the founders of their own mighty clan. Their goal is to lead their people wisely and prepare them to survive the cruel Norse winter.

Grim Pagan Rus Warriors Released By V&V Miniatures


V&V Miniatures made Lloyd and Gerry (well, maybe not Gerry) very happy bunnies this week by announcing a new set of their resin Pagan Rus. 

Blood Red Skies Unboxing: Hawker Hurricane


Justin and John are back in the Unboxing chamber to look at the Hawker Hurricane from Blood Red Skies.

Spectre: Operations 2nd Edition Pre-Orders Now Available


Spectre: Operations, one of the best rule sets for playing our Modern Warfare scenarios on the tabletop, is now on its 2nd Edition with pre-orders for the rulebook now available.

Explore New Tabletop Options With Mantic’s Terrain Crate 2


As you'll have no doubt noticed, Mantic Games are back on Kickstarter with Terrain Crate 2 which offers up a new range of different terrain options

South Park Creators Squeeze In Some Blood & Plunder!


Trey Parker of South Park fame seems to really enjoy his Blood & Plunder!

Fight Them On The Beaches With PWork’s New Overlord Mat


If you're looking to fight it out on the beaches and push an invasion force inland then you're going to need a good beach mat.

Victrix’s Anglo-Saxons Raise The Banner High


Victrix has shown off the final miniature preview for their Anglo-Saxons. Here we have the Banner Bearer, armoured and ready for action.

Bolt Action Unboxing: Infanterie Schlepper UE


Toting a tiny tankette the team talk about the kit for the Infanterie Schlepper UE mit Wurfrahmen for Bolt Action from Warlord Games.

The Unknown Soldier Is The Next Giant In Miniature


Wargames Illustrated has dropped another Giant In Miniature release for this month, the Unknown Soldier. 

Worthington Battle In The War Along The Great Lakes


Worthington Publishing is looking to release the third of their War Of 1812 series. This time they're looking to the War Along The Great Lakes.

Hobby VLOG: Oil War Part Two


John takes us through the army lists he's been concocting for his Oil War project!

Pre-Orders Ending Soon For War Banner’s Mortal Gods


War Banner and Footsore Miniatures are closing in on the release of Mortal Gods. The Core Set and additional pre-orders are closing soon

Create A Symbolic Cosmos In Mandala


In Buddhism and Hinduism, the mandala is spiritual, ritual symbol which represents the cosmos -  it is a microcosm of the universe, and holds significant meaning to the fleeting nature of existence.

Lead An Ancient Italian Tribe In Terramara


Terramara is the name of the villages founded around 1500 B.C., mid- to late Bronze Age, in Northern Italy.

Strike It Rich In The Old West With Coloma


Howdy, partner! Y'all best be moseying on over to Final Frontier Games cos they got a game guaranteed to give a rootin' tootin' good time!

Stream Archives: Maus Tank


Join John for some BIG TANK FUN!

SITREP: Talking OP Tempo; Looking Deep Into Skirmish Sangin


Welcome back, warriors! We have an action-packed show for you. We talk about our upcoming projects as well a deep dive into Skirmish Sangin.

Firelock Games’ Tartana Drifts Into Blood & Plunder


Firelock Games have released a new vessel for those wanting to take to the high seas in Blood & Plunder. See what you make of the Tartana.

Sail Your Ships To Success In Precious Cargo


For hundred of years, merchants sailed to faraway lands in search of untold wealth, bringing Precious Cargo that was worth a fortune - if they could find the right port at which to sell it!

3D Alien Worlds Are Building Bridges With Latest Release


3D Alien Worlds have created a new set of downloadable STL files for their Samurai Bridges Set.

Blood Red Skies Unboxing: FW190A Squadron


That screeching noise isn't an FW190 overhead, it's John and Justin excited for a new Blood Red Skies unboxing!

Deep-Cut Studio Lay Down The Streets Of Rome With New Mat


Deep-Cut Studio is getting stuck into a bit of Gangs Of Rome with their new official mat, produced alongside Footsore Miniatures. 

Mantic Announce TerrainCrate 2: Crate Expectations Kickstarter!


Mantic Games will be launching their new TerrainCrate on Kickstarter tomorrow, promising hundreds of new detailed plastic items to enhance your tabletop gaming experience.

Quick Look: The Great War


Justin and John defy time and space itself as they give a preview into a new scenario and Ruleset for The Great War.

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