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Community Spotlight: Halfling Armies, Samurai Terrain & Gangs Of Rome!

1 month ago 2

In this week's Community Spotlight, we have a look at an awesome Halfling army, some brilliant terrain for Samurai wargames and a bunch of miniatures for Gangs Of Rome!

V For Victory Rules & More; Pre-Orders Available From North Star


V For Victory, the new Studio Tomahawk World War II wargame, is available to pre-order from North Star Military Figures for folks eager to snap it up here in the UK. You can grab the Rulebook as well as the Tokens and Cards you'll need to play the game.

Snap Up The New US Rangers Plastic Set For Warlord’s Bolt Action


Warlord Games are taking pre-orders right now for a new 28mm plastic set for your games of Bolt Action. You can snap up the US Rangers for your World War II wargames where you're prepping to dive into the Allied pushback against the Axis.

Add Your Ashigaru Command Group Into Test Of Honour


Test Of Honour players can get their hands on an Ashigaru Command Group for use in your games thanks to Grey For Now Games.

Chain Of Command Gets New Far East 1941-45 Handbook


Too Fat Lardies are now taking pre-orders for a new handbook that can be used alongside Chain Of Command. Head to the Far East with a new book covering the different forces fighting there between 1941 and 1945 during World War II.

Unboxing: Citizens Of Rome (Gangs Of Rome) | Wargames Atlantic


Gerry dives into the new 28mm plastic set for Gangs Of Rome by Wargames Atlantic. He unboxes and reviews the Citizens Of Rome set that provides you with enough miniatures for your gangs, mobs and more.

Snap Up Victrix Miniatures New 12mm US Airborne Plastic Kit


Victrix Miniatures has recently released a new set of 12mm miniatures for your World War II wargames. You could use the new US Airborne set for their own game, Company Commander, or whatever game you have in your collection. 

New Operatives Join Strategies Games Lab’s Close Quarter Battle


Strategies Games Lab have added to their range of miniatures for their Modern Warfare-era 30mm wargame, Close Quarter Battle. You can now pick up some great Operative miniatures and more for use in your cinematic firefights on the tabletop.

Prepare For Empress’ Arnhem Heroes Kickstarter Soon


Empress Miniatures are going to be bringing Paul Hicks' fantastic 28mm World War II miniatures to tabletops as part of a new Kickstarter which launches this weekend. The focus is once again on Arnhem and creating a range of figures for fighting your Bridge Too Far-style clash.

Studio Tomahawk’s New WW2 Game V For Victory Coming Soon


Studio Tomahawk are going to be releasing their new set of Historical wargaming rules this June. V For Victory (Five For Victory) will have you diving into 28mm World War II skirmishes on the tabletop pretty soon!

Late War Leviathans Coming To Battlefront’s Flames Of War


With the release of Clash Of Steel, Battlefront Miniatures are looking to introduce some Late-War Leviathans into your games of Flames Of War. A free PDF is going to be available next week for those wanting to slot these 15mm scale heavily armoured behemoths into their armies.

Victrix Preview 12mm British 8th Army Infantry


Victrix Miniatures are continuing to impress with their range of 12mm World War II figures. Their recent previews are exploring North Africa and the British 8th Army who will be getting some new infantry soon.

Pick Up Perry Miniatures Napoleonic Civilians For Your Wargames


Perry Miniatures have now released their collection of Napoleonic Civilians for use in your diorama building and general hobby adventures. If you're looking for some good civilians to use in your 28mm Napoleonic wargames, will do the job, especially as part of a baggage train or in some of the villages and towns that your armies are marching through.

Unboxing: Afghan Cavalry | Wargames Atlantic


Gerry explores another of the awesome 28mm Historical plastic sets from Wargames Atlantic. In this unboxing, we review the contents of the Afghan Cavalry set which covers the period of Imperial Conquest but could fit into older and more modern settings.

Victrix Showcase Their Finished 28mm Dark Age Rus Designs


Victrix Miniatures has been showcasing the final look at their renders for the upcoming 28mm Dark Age Rus that you can drop into your Historical wargames. 

Offensive Miniatures Release New WW2 Russian Infantry Range


Offensive Miniatures has recently released their World War II Russian range in 28mm for your Historical wargames. The range covers all of the basics that you'd need for getting stuck into a bit of World War II action on the tabletop.

Hail Caesar Epic Battles Plays Out The Punic Wars Soon


Warlord Games announced a new addition to the Epic Battles range. After tackling the period of black powder and pikes, Warlord are heading back to the Ancient period and the Punic Wars for some more Historical wargaming. Hail Caesar Epic Battles sees the Romans battling against the Carthaginians and other foes that were battering at the gates of their empire.

Warlord & Osprey Announce Bolt Action Third Edition


Warlord Games and Osprey Games have announced a new edition of possibly the best-known World War II wargame. Bolt Action Third Edition is going to be available to buy later this year in September with pre-orders available now.

1898 Miniaturas Preview Thirty Years’ War French Pikemen


1898 Miniaturas have previewed their newest selection of 28mm miniatures for The Thirty Years' War. The French are going to be marching to war with some new Pikemen and these new Command sets.

1st Corps Expand Home Guard Range With British Shore Party


1st Corps has expanded its Home Guard range for World War II wargaming in 28mm with a set of British Shore Party miniatures. These are going to be handy for all manner of World War II Historical games but also some What If? scenarios where perhaps these fellows need to hold their own against an invasion force.

Perry Miniatures Preview Their Upcoming Bavarian Jagers


Perry Miniatures didn't make it to Salute this year but they did still share a preview of what's coming to their collection in the near future. Some 3-Ups popped up for their Bavarian Jagers that will be taking part in the Franco-German War.

Grab Your Plastic Citizens Of Rome From Wargames Atlantic


Wargames Atlantic have now made their Citizens Of Rome plastic set for Gangs Of Rome available to buy. If you're looking to get some angry citizens for your Ancient wargames, this new 28mm Historical set comes with thirty of the blighters! 

Let’s Build Saint Nazaire! WW2 Terrain Project Part #4 – Painting Buildings & A Big Reveal!

2 months ago 26

In this final video, John and Gerry show off the process of painting all of the terrain that we're using for the board build. This means exploring how to paint different buildings in a redbrick style, in concrete and of course all of the metal structures too.

Add The Wounded To Alternative Armies’ English Civil War Range


Alternative Armies has added a couple of new sets to their collection for 15mm English Civil War wargaming. The Wounded can be slotted into your games as markers to represent damage or fatigue in games or simply as characterful unit fillers.

Community Spotlight: Revisiting Warmaster, Sky Dwarves & Stunning Characters!

2 months ago 5

Come and join us for this week's Community Spotlight as we're taking a look at some more work from you folks in the community, some of which has been inspired by the Spring Clean Hobby Challenge!

Snag A Trekkie Soldier Of Fortune For Warlord’s Bolt Action


Warlord Games has produced another ace Soldier Of Fortune miniature for you to drop into your games. This time, the 28mm miniature is for Bolt Action, and is named They Cannae Take It, Cap'n!

Charlemagne Heads Up Medbury Miniatures’ April Releases


Medbury Miniatures has a fantastic collection of 3D printable miniatures for you to download from Patreon this month. There are some great options on the Historical and the Fantasy front so make sure to dive in and scoop up some new miniatures for your collection.

5 Tabletop Wargames I’d Love To Return To – What’s On Your List?


Ben discusses five games that he either completely missed out on or regrets not playing more of. What's on your list and are there some games here that you're mad you missed out on?

Let’s Build Saint Nazaire! WW2 Terrain Project Part #3 – Adding The Buildings

2 months ago 19

In this third video, John and Gerry show off the buildings they'll be using from Sarissa Precision and what they can do to add more detail to the World War II terrain pieces.

Flank March Bring New Cold War British Soldiers To Kickstarter


Flank March Miniatures are now on Kickstarter with a campaign looking to bring a range of Cold War British soldiers to the tabletop. These are available as STL Files which can be 3D printed in 15mm, 20mm and 28mm.

The Watchful Lord Joins Ragged Staff Minis’ Collection Soon


Ragged Staff Minis has been showing off some of the new miniatures that will be joining their 28mm collection this year. The most recent preview was for The Watchful Lord which you'll be able to get your hands on over on Etsy soon.

Community Spotlight: Silver Bayonet Sepoys, City States & Salute!


In this week's Community Spotlight, we pick out some great ideas for The Silver Bayonet, a growing army for The City States and also the crafting of a big gaming board for Salute 2024.

Grab New Casualty Markers For Dead Man’s Hand Shootouts


Two new sets of Dead Man's Hand Casualties were added to Great Escape Games' webstore over the last while. If you were looking to get your hands on markers for the Boys and the Bucks then you've now got a chance to scoop them up.

Get Started In Gangs Of Rome With Bundle Sets & More


Footsore Miniatures & Games are now taking pre-orders for the new edition of Gangs Of Rome. The 28mm Ancient wargame will have a full release at Salute this month but right now, you can get your hands on a Starter Bundle which will get you going in the game.

Get Your Epic Battles: Waterloo Artillery Into Position With Warlord


Warlord Games has put together a set of new Warlord Resin releases for you to drop into your Epic Battles: Waterloo games. You can get your hands on a set of Artillery and Artillery Limbers for the Prussians, French and British which you can set up behind your army.

Black Scorpion Preview Salute 2024 Show Miniatures


Black Scorpion Miniatures have previewed their upcoming haul of Salute 2024 figures that you can scoop up at the event in just two weeks. There is a strong focus on growing the Breninmoor 32mm Fantasy range with some great new characters and troops.

Unboxing: Dead Man’s Hand Redux 2 Player Starter Set | Great Escape Games


Gerry gets a look at the brand new Dead Man's Hand Redux 2 Player Starter Set and reviews what you get inside. If you've not tried Great Escape Games' 28mm Wild West wargame, this is a perfect place to start with plastic miniatures, terrain and updated rules.

New Starter Set Now Available For Spectre Operations


Spectre Miniatures has now released a new Spectre Operations Starter Set for you to dive into. If you've ever been tempted by the idea of 28mm Ultramodern wargaming, this might be a good chance for you to dive in and give it a go.

Wargames Atlantic Sneak Medieval Foot Knights Into Their Releases


Working with Paul Hicks and Andy Hobday (the creator of The Barons' War), Wargames Atlantic has released a new set of 28mm plastic miniatures for your Medieval wargames. The Foot Knights set is now available for you to pre-order and no, this isn't an April Fools.

28mm Early Saxon Armoured Warriors Join Victrix’s Warband


Victrix Miniatures has added a new 28mm plastic set to their Early Saxon collection. You can now pick up their Armoured Warriors set which sits nicely alongside the Unarmoured Warriors they released not too long ago.

Why You Need To Try Force Of Virtue! | Masterstroke Games Designer Interview

3 months ago 2

Gerry sits down with the team from Masterstroke Games to discuss their awesome Renaissance Skirmish Game, Force Of Virtue. We think you might find yourself really wanting to give this game a try!

Let’s Build Saint Nazaire! WW2 Terrain Project Part #2 – Repair & Refresh

3 months ago 23

In this second video, Gerry starts to play around with the terrain and cuts some lumps off that John wanted to keep! We need to make space for that U-Boat so something has to go.

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