Watch Out For Firelock Games’ Port Royal Coming Soon! [Updated]

May 23, 2024 by brennon

Firelock Games' Port Royal, a new pirate-based skirmish game, will be coming to Kickstarter soon. This game of small warbands battling it out over the titular Port Royal will be launching on Kickstarter 5th June!

Port Royal Kickstarter - Firelock Games

Port Royal Kickstarter (Coming Soon) // Firelock Games

Port Royal will be a campaign-based warband-scale skirmish game where you are going to be fighting over Port Royal in the wake of the devastation caused by the 1692 earthquake. Think Mordheim but with a lot more scurvy! You will be able to take on the role of Pirates, Privateers, Native Americans, African Maroons or the local government forces who are looking to claim whatever plunder they can from the ruins.

As this is a campaign game, you'll gain loot and experience between games allowing you to enhance your crew so you can make bigger plays. Whilst you have to contend with each other, Port Royal itself is also a dangerous place with falling buildings, wild animals running amock and desperate civilians looking to club you and steal your loot!

Kickstarter Teaser!

[Updated] Some more details sneaked out about the game over the past few days and Firelock were happy for us to share a look at more to do with gameplay and also what you're going to get inside the box for the game!

How Does It Play & Whats In The Box - Port Royal

How Does It Play & What's In The Box // Port Royal

So as you can see, the game uses an IGOUGO system for activations but with a nice twist. Reactions are baked into the game so that you can interrupt characters during their actions so you can get the drop on them. Additionally, the game also features fortune points which can be used to bid for initiative, re-roll dice and give your characters additional actions. I like a game where you have a resource to work with and manage, especially if the decision making is hard.

It was also good to see that Firelock are working on options to play the game cooperatively and solo against AI forces. This sounds great and will be good for folks who want to experience the game but don't always have readily available opponents! I like the idea of throwing a game master into the mix as well to help spice things up.

We also got to see the contents of the core launch box for Port Royal! You get the Rulebook, D10 Dice, Sailor Miniatures (hard plastic) and that awesome Characters & Accessories set which seems perfect for those looking to add some extra narrative into their games. You have to have dead guys!

Sailors - Port Royal

Sailors // Port Royal

Characters & Accessories - Port Royal

Characters & Accessories // Port Royal

The punchboard terrain and the mat will also be welcome when it comes to building up a quick and packed tabletop full of terrain to skirmish around. I have no doubt more people will be raiding their local pet shop for terrain suitable for the Caribbean anyway.

Punchboard Terrain - Port Royal

Punchboard Terrain // Port Royal

Make sure to join the Facebook Group and a community of wargamers already discussing the game!

Watch out for the Kickstarter beginning 5th June and let us know if you'll be diving in!

"Make sure to join the Facebook Group and a community of wargamers already discussing the game!"

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