A Dream Modular Dungeon You Need To See! Dungeonalia 2023 Winners Revealed

March 29, 2024 by crew

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Join us for a look back at Dungeonalia 2023 as we announce the runners-up and winners of each category as well as take a look at some of the Dungeonalia projects we tackled ourselves over the course of the challenge.


Check Out Dungeonalia 2023

We get a look at some fantastic projects including possibly the best modular dungeon we've ever seen. This one needs to be seen to be believed. We're still seeing awesome things about it we hadn't noticed before!

We had a lot of fun going through the various categories and seeing what inspirational projects you created for Dungeonalia. We can't wait to see where you take things when we dive into Dungeonalia again later this year.

Everyone who won should check the Prize Claim Form linked below so they can claim their prizes and get them sent their way!

Prize Claim Form

Make sure to check out the various projects down below and give some hearty congratulations in the comments to those who won!

Our Dungeonalia Projects

Check out the projects that Warren and Lloyd worked on for Dungeonalia 2023 making good use of laser cutting machines and tried and tested foam.

Check Out Warren's Project

Check Out Lloyd's Project

We should be seeing more from these projects in the future so watch this space to see where the journey takes both Warren and Lloyd.

Dungeonalia 2023 Winners

Check out the runners-up and winners down below alongside the prizes that they have won!

Dungeon Stonemason

Dungeon Architect

Dungeon Master

Dungeon Heroes

Dungeon Monsters

Dungeon Younglings

Honourable Mentions

Thanks to all of our supporters and sponsors and we can't wait to see what the runners-up and winners do with their prizes once they get to the tabletop. Plenty of awesome dungeon-delving awesomeness awaits!

Check Out Spring Clean Hobby Challenge 2024

Make sure to check back later in the year for Dungeonalia 2024 and don't forget to check out Spring Clean Hobby Challenge 2024 as well!

What will you be doing for Dungeonalia 2024?

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